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A Sales Success Story With Samantha Irwin

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Nikki is happy to welcome Samantha Irwin to the podcast today!

Today Nikki and Samantha discuss how key techniques learned in the Sales Maven Society has benefited Samantha at various networking opportunities.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership, Samantha inspires and educates teams to create exceptional customer experiences that foster loyalty and advocacy, driving both financial success and heartfelt service for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Samantha’s dual background in middle school teaching and boutique hotel ownership has uniquely positioned her to empower and educate business leaders and their front-line customer service staff. Organizations and businesses hire Samantha for engaging and inspiring keynote speeches and workshops. As the creator of the Power of People Academy and the Creating A Culture Deck, she equips businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences, fostering thriving enterprises consistently and fulfilling staff!

Samantha's commitment also extends to teaching business owners how to make their establishments preferred workplaces and favored customer destinations. She and Nikki discuss how Samantha’s tools help businesses maintain high customer service standards and improve employee retention, ultimately driving repeat clientele and sustainable growth.

Samantha also shares a compelling success story from networking opportunities, one where she used Nikki’s networking strategies to secure a new client.

The story highlights the practical applications of Nikki's teachings, showing how being attentive to buying signals and taking immediate action can lead to significant business success at various networking opportunities.

Nikki encourages listeners to tune in for insights into effective customer service training, the benefits of investing in your team, and practical networking tips that can transform your business relationships. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their customer service approach and achieve long-term business success!

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In This Episode:

[00:30] – Nikki interviews Samantha Irwin in this episode.

[00:58] – Samantha explains that she trains hospitality and retail staff to create excellent customer service for sustainable growth.

[02:37] – Next, Samantha offers the Creating A Culture Deck and Power of People Academy for hospitality and retail staff training.

[04:20] – Samantha also offers strategy sessions and six-month coaching packages focused on improving customer experience.

[06:08] – Treating employees well enhances customer satisfaction for small businesses.

[08:44] – Samantha values networking strategies like the “three-two-one” rule for building and deepening relationships.

[10:45] – Hear how recognizing and acting on buying signals immediately led to successful networking and business growth.

[13:07] -Then,  Nikki adds that scheduling appointments in advance saves time and reduces mental energy, making business interactions more efficient.

[15:32] – Being proactive and reliable in handling situations sets Samantha apart, earning her trust and credibility.

[17:37] – Clarifying her sense of competitiveness, Samantha highlights the value of networking and fostering connections that lead to unexpected business opportunities.

[19:57] – Nikki cherishes the close connections within the group, offering Samantha, Melissa, and Patricia as an example.

[22:10] – What are the best ways to get in touch with Samantha?


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