Mentor Network: Who Inspires You & How Are You Engaging With Them?

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Who inspires you?

Who do you most want to get to know and learn from? And how have you engaged with this person? Finding a mentor network can make all the difference in any area of your life or business. The best part is you don't even need to formalize the relationship.

I've never once sat down with any of my mentors and asked them to mentor me. It happened as a result of me making an effort to get to know the person and building an authentic relationship with him/her.
Last year I was introduced to someone who truly inspired me. She showed up at the perfect time. I was starting to doubt that it was possible to achieve what I had my heart set on. Frankly, I hadn't met anyone doing what I wanted to do in the way I wanted to do it. I was lacking a role model.
And then I attended Biz Chix Live. Natalie Eckdahl (even though she had no idea at the time) showed me it's possible to stand on stage and be authentic, caring, kind, and most importantly credible. She didn't shame people, amplify their fears and pain, or act “outrageous” for people to receive her message.
She's built a hugely successful business and at the same time built a community for supportive, high achieving entrepreneurs. She's done all of this while being authentic, supportive, and community minded.

Unbeknownst to her, she became my role model/mentor and made her way into my mentor network.

Over the course of her event, I had two very meaningful interactions with her. Here she was at her own event being pulled in many directions, tons of people wanting to connect with her, and she still made me feel seen and important. I suspect almost every attendee at her event could report something similar. That's the kind of person she is and it inspired me.
Before I left her event, I'd already purchased my ticket to attend again this year (that was a first for me – I'd never bought a ticket for an event a year in advance). And, I've made an effort to stay connected with her.
As a result, she's also stayed connected with me too. While attending an event in San Diego in March of 2018 we were able to build on the rapport and deepen the relationship. It was at this event where she asked me to be a speaker at the Biz Chix Live Event in November 2018. And, she invited me to be a guest on her podcast.

Is there anything better than someone you admire in your mentor network taking notice of you and inviting you to collaborate with them in some way? It was a total bucket list moment for me.

Please allow me to share this podcast episode with you. After listening to it on my late-night drive home from the airport last week after teaching all day, I have to say, I'm quite proud of it.
It's filled with tons of sales tips and language suggestions. You'll quickly see why Natalie is someone I'm still in awe of today, she's so brilliant and kind. Her heart shows up in the way she interacts with people.
At the end of the episode, you'll hear Natalie explain how she decided to choose me to speak at her event. There's such a great lesson there.
When you set your sights on building relationships, great things happen as a result. This is something you can do for any important relationship in your life, business or personal.

Many of you know, it's my heartfelt belief that when you put the relationship first, sales follow.

Take time to truly connect with people and they'll likely respond in kind.

Wishing you continued success in all you're doing.

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