Misunderstood Sales Strategies & How This Costs Your Business

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Today Nikki is discussing the misunderstood sales strategies she is seeing and how this can affect your business.

Nikki is giving her perspective on these sales strategies and hopes this episode will have you approaching your sales conversations a little differently, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Have you been told not to post your pricing? Listen as Nikki shares why she believes this strategy only works for you and not for your client or prospect. Another misunderstood strategy is that sales are in the follow-up. Nikki says it isn't just about the follow-up, your message needs to be on point, and it needs to reach people that need what you are offering; otherwise, you will only get crickets. If you want to hear why Nikki believes you need to be careful using the strategy of sales is a numbers game, you will want to listen to this episode.

Poorly executed sales strategies can cost you business…

Do you know the difference between marketing and sales? Marketing is to bring leads into your business, while sales are to close those leads, so the strategy of spending more money on marketing and you will close more sales doesn't work unless you know how to close the sale. The last very misunderstood concept that Nikki talks about that makes her cringe is the concept of focusing on a client's pain points. Listen as Nikki shares what the concept actually means and why it should never be used in your marketing or sales conversations.

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In This Episode:

[00:44] Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[01:18] Shout out to Faithann Fun, who left a very sweet Five Star review!

[03:11] The first misunderstood strategy is not putting pricing out in the marketplace.

[07:01] Sales are in the follow-up is another misunderstood strategy.

[09:25] Listen as Nikki shares why the strategy of sales is a numbers game is misunderstood.

[12:08] Build your email list but build it with ideal clients.

[13:44] Never take no for an answer is another one Nikki wishes would go away.

[15:45] Spend more marketing on it, and you will close more sales.

[18:17] Just because someone has a background in marketing or branding, they can teach you how to sell.

[20:11] The last misunderstood strategy is to focus on the pain points.

[23:31] Nikki talks about where she gets the ideas for her episodes.

[24:52] How often do you struggle with…..is a way to word a question instead of asking what their pain points are.

[26:14] Thank you for listening. I am so grateful you are here!


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