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Nikki Closser

multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income doesn’t necessarily mean consistently doing more work.

If you think multiple streams of income is about having several jobs, take time to reconsider. In essence, streams of income are meant to be optimized for revenue to flow to you. You want to leverage what already exists to then expand your opportunities.

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value for your audience. Today, learn to build multiple streams of income during this Mastering Excellence Series conversation on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Nikki Closser is a personal branding photographer, and host of The Portrait System Podcast. In 2012, she began building a hugely successful business that afforded her the ability to quit her job as a social worker. Not only that, her business now enables her to support both her family and her passion for traveling. Nikki photographed thousands of people over the years, and currently mentors photographers through her course, The Personal Branding System. Nikki currently lives in Michigan with her husband and her two young sons where they split their time at their lake cottage and their home in the country.

In today’s episode, Nikki Rausch and Nikki Closser hold a thoughtful discussion on creating multiple streams of income to stop trading time for money.

Together, they talk about taking active responsibility in your life, separating money from time, and relying on self-trust and self-efficacy to figure out solutions. Listen to this episode to explore the benefits of multiple streams of income, especially the non-performative benefit of passive income.

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In This Episode:

[00:42] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[02:31] – Nikki Closser believes all women are beautiful.

[05:15] – Professional photos can attract a new level of business opportunities.

[08:00] – Nikki C. says her go-to is a more comfy fashion style, but she knows how to show up to attract her ideal customers.

[10:15] – Then, Nikki C. talks about what life looked like when doing her previous job before

[12:05] – Why did Nikki C. decide that she must find multiple ways to make money?

[14:51] – Next, Nikki C. describes why 2020 made her more serious about passive income.

[17:37] – Then, Nikki C. explains her view towards approaching her goals.

[20:07] – How does Nikki C. prioritize multiple tasks?

[22:31] – Don’t feel compelled to say “Yes” to things that don’t align. Nikki C. looks back at when she gave herself permission to create more boundaries around her time.

[25:27] – There needs to be a level of risk that has a general plan or direction.

[28:20] – Above all, Nikki C. has trust in herself to figure things out in the end.

[31:11] – Nikki C. is a firm believer in taking responsibility for herself and her life.

[33:56] – The second you don't feel joy in something, consider figuring out how to move on to something that will.

[35:45] – What are the goals Nikki C. has for having multiple streams of income?

[37:42] – Then, Nikki C. explains why she relies on feelings to move toward the vision for her goals.

[40:46] – You should partner with people who have skill sets that you don’t.

[43:15] – Then, Nikki C. shares an honest story about a project that didn’t go too well, and mentions what she learned in hindsight.

[45:47] – How do you know when it’s time to start thinking about multiple streams of income?

[48:22] – When do you know you should slow down?

[50:12] – Who inspires Nikki C.? 

[52:03] – Lastly, listen to Nikki C. talk about loving roller derby and growing her own food.

[54:59] – Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!


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