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Savvy Sales Tip- This is new to me

Learning to do something new can be uncomfortable.

It requires change.  Most of us internally groan a little when we have to “change” something.  My long time teacher and NLP trainer use to quote, Mark Twain when talking about change, “The only person that likes change is a wet baby.”

Wet Baby - Stella


When we’re in front of a prospective client, and they’re witnessing us doing something for the first time our internal dialogue can sometimes become external dialogue.  We feel compelled to comment on our nerves or feelings of uncomfortableness.  A common thing to say in those moments is, “I’m new.”

The drawback to telling a prospective client, “I’m new,” is that it directly reflects on your credibility.

Saying, “I’m new.” is an identity statement.  It’s saying something about you as a person and can be taken as a negative.

The simple truth is, you’re not new.  You’ve been around for years, you know a ton of useful information, you have accomplished quite a bit in your life, and there is no reason to knock your credibility to a prospective client by saying, “I’m new.”

The Savvy Sales Tip for the week is to honor those uncomfortable moments, relate to your clients, and maintain your personal credibility by saying this instead, “This is new to me.”

“This is new to me,” lets the other person know you’re still learning without calling into question your credibility.  You’re referring to “This” as being new, not “You” as being new.

Try it out and decide for yourself how it sounds.

Your questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome.

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