Offering Discounts To Your Customers


Do you like offering discounts to your customers?

“When it comes to discounts, there needs to be a balance of power.” Today we are talking discounts, those discounts you make to your existing clients, and the discounts you put out to your list. Discounts, some people love them, some people hate them, let's see how you feel about them by the end of this episode. So listen for Nikki's strategies plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show

Nikki shares that the balance of power in a sales relationship or when giving discounts is very important. Nikki is a fan of giving discounts as long as they benefit her in some way. When someone asks for a discount, you need to consider three things; does this discount make sense? Can I get something in return by saying yes, and does it feel right to me? If not, say no.

Do you have people tell you to stop putting pricing on your website? Listen as Nikki shares why she disagrees with this and why she believes putting pricing on your website is important.

Offering Discounts Continued…

As consumers, we love to take advantage of deals, and we expect to find prices. Have you thought about adding a bonus instead of a discount if saying discount bothers you? Do what feels right to you.

Nikki believes that if you aren't selling to your list regularly, they forget about who you are and what you offer, so don't be afraid to put offers out. Focus on the people who are ready to buy from you right now and put that offer out to them. Don't hold yourself back or worry about what people say you should or shouldn't do in your business. 

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In This Episode: Offering Discounts

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[01:31] Shout out to another five-star review from dancing house momma.

[03:08] First, Nikki speaks about the balancing of power.

[05:24] Nikki loves when people ask for a discount because she sees it as a buying signal.

[06:05] Then, Nikki shares why she recorded this episode.

[07:21] Nikki speaks about why she doesn't agree with people who say don't devalue your offers.

[10:05] Nikki feels very strongly that you should have pricing on your website.

[12:19] Most people will not remember the offer you put out last month, but they are ready for the offer you will put out this month.

[14:00] People can choose to opt-out if they don't want your offers.

[15:01] Focus on the people who are ready to buy from you now.

[16:43] Our brains are lazy, and if you don't put a decision in front of somebody, they won't hire you.

[17:26] Your question for the day is, is this something you would be interested in?

[19:06] When you become a member of the Sales Maven Society, she will have more training around this question.

[20:38] Thank you for listening!

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