Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Are Others Taking Yours?

leader giving woman credit where credit is due

Have you ever noticed others cashing in on your credit?

Maybe someone took your idea and claimed it as theirs. Many of us have had this happen a time or two in our careers. Not all people believe in the old saying, “Give credit where credit is due.”

What about someone you learned from taking credit for your success? Have you ever hired someone who makes you feel like you'd be nowhere or nothing without them? They constantly take credit for all you've achieved and maybe some part of you even agrees.

When studying NLP, my teacher often said, “Give credit where credit is due.” It's something that plays over and over in my head when teaching what I know to others. Being able to acknowledge and respectfully give credit when appropriate demonstrates humility as well as maturity. Please, by all means, be the person who showers people with appreciation every chance you get.

Along with showering people with the appreciation for all they've contributed to your success, also give yourself credit too. There are many people who've been given opportunity, knowledge, help and never taken advantage of it to better themselves. It's your drive, experience, expertise, and your hustle that got you to where you are today.

One of the ways I describe one of my most successful clients is, I give her a grain of rice in the form of selling skills and she goes out and plants a rice field. As proud as I am to have assisted in her growth, it's her ability to implement and take action that's made her the huge success she is today. It was also her willingness to invest in personal and professional development that allowed her to learn what she needed in order to hone her selling skills.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: It's Not What Others Say, It's What You Believe

It really comes down to what you believe about yourself and your own ability to make things happen. When you surround yourself with people who constantly take credit for your success, at some point, you may start to believe it. It's unfortunate when the person spouting it out happens to be the person you're paying. It also begs the question, what's their motive? Is it a way to keep you as a paying client?

Manipulation in the form of shaming people is a selling tactic. It's not one I teach, nor do I subscribe to this type of selling. And, yet, it's out there. I see it, I read about it and I hear it. Frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach to listen to coaches act as if their clients are only successful because they signed up for their programs.

I'm in no way saying coaches should not share the success stories of their clients. I'm encouraging you to stand in your own place of power and credibility and not buy into this myth of your success is owed to someone else.

You get to decide for yourself if and when you allow others to cash in on your success. Remembering to acknowledge all you bring to the table and your own contribution is critical in order for you to achieve your next level of success. At some point, you will outgrow the people you've currently hired. Having the confidence to move on because you recognize all you've already achieved will keep forward momentum in your business.

Always Remember To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

As always, wishing you continued success in all you do.

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