Overcoming The Price Objection: Becoming A Stronger Salesperson

stronger salesperson, sales maven, sales help, sales coach

stronger salesperson, sales maven, sales help, sales coachBudget proposal objections got you puzzled?

You're not alone! Navigating this challenge can be tough, and Nikki's got the solution to becoming a stronger Salesperson.

Today Nikki is guesting for the THIRD time on the Wingnut Social Podcast! On this episode she and Darla discuss how to overcome price objections and move through making the sale seamlessly. When put into practice, the tips and tricks from this episode are sure to make you a stronger salesperson. Start making bigger business moves seamlessly by giving this episode a listen.

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0:00 All about Nikki Rausch

3:40 Price objections

8:37 Budget out of scope

12:45 Pricing on your website

15:37 Project ranges and minimums

17:57 Pre-framing a call

27:38 Playing cat

31:51 How to decline a client

35:20 Never leave a meeting without scheduling the next step

36:00 The What Up Wingnut Round!

39:16 Darla wraps up the episode

41:21 Bloopers




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