Pricing Options: An On-Air Coaching Call

With Jill Shroyer

Pricing Options

Do you have trouble trying to figure out different pricing options for your clients? Tune in to see how Nikki helps Jill navigate this hurdle.



Nikki's guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Jill Shroyer. Jill is a Sales Maven Society member and the owner of Expedition HR Consulting. Jill loves dealing with sticky situations, so she helps her clients fix their situations and prevent anything sticky in the future. She needs Nikki's support around creating some custom offers and the rates she should charge for them since they aren't part of her usual offerings. Of course, Nikki is on point with her answer on these pricing options in this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Nikki says that as our businesses grow, we find that we have pieces or parts of what we offer that are valuable to a client without getting the full package. It is often necessary to create custom packages or even an à la carte menu with these kinds of DIY clients. Sometimes you have to test the market and different pricing options to find the pricing sweet spot and see what the market will pay for the new bundle.

Jill loves Nikki's idea of charging a lower rate for the bundle during an email campaign to test the market and likes how that could translate down the road into more sales when she adds more to the bundle. Jill doesn't usually sell through her email list. So she will have to train her list to look for the offers. Nikki also wants Jill to set up a conversion email sequence because you can't just send out a one and done email, there has to be follow up emails for special offers. If you missed Nikki's Conversion Email Sequence Masterclass, let her know, she might put out a special offer for the videos with enough interest.


As your business grows, it is often necessary to create custom packages. You will need to consider all of the pricing options for this.


Jill would also like Nikki's input on when to know that you are priced too high or if you just haven't reached your ideal client. Nikki shares that doing the testing is important. Sometimes it's just a gut check and seeing if you would feel resentful if you charged less, and if you would, then that would be a case of bless and release. But you might also not have reached the right level of your ideal client because if they are new, they might not be able to spend what you are asking even if they want to.

Jill says that getting Nikki's response on items that are posted on the site is one of the major benefits she has received from being a member of the Sales Maven Society. The caliber of people in the society is amazing, these are high-quality people, so they add real value when they comment as well.

Nikki wants to invite you to join her Sales Maven Society. This is an opportunity for you and Nikki to work together, you bring your questions, concerns, sales challenges, and she provides answers and guidance to boost your confidence. Join the Sales Maven Society here, click add to cart, and then checkout and use coupon code: 47trial to get your first month for $47.00!


In This Episode:

  • [01:01] Welcome to the show, Jill!
  • [02:00] Jill shares a little about her business and who she serves.
  • [04:57] She speaks about two programs her company offers to clients.
  • [08:47] Jill needs Nikki's help with creating custom offers and pricing them appropriately.
  • [11:20] Jill discusses the pricing and procedures for the packages that she has already set up.
  • [13:00] Nikki digs into what Jill believes someone would pay for the bundle of documents that she has for hiring employees.
  • [15:20] Nikki says that once you sell five at a given price, raise your price.
  • [17:20] Don't be afraid to sell something and then offer something else right away.
  • [18:52] Nikki asks if Jill is signed up for her Conversion Email Sequence Masterclass.
  • [21:41] Nikki discusses the research she has done with email sequences and uses the same sequences for every offer.
  • [23:27] You will know if the offer works if they buy it.
  • [24:14] How do I know if it's priced too high or if they just weren't my ideal client?
  • [27:11] Think about your specialty and what they need from you. Those are the people you want to put the offers in the marketplace for.
  • [29:44] Nikki spoke about someone on her email list for three years before she bought.
  • [33:00] Have you ever wondered what happens when you push the unsubscribe button?
  • [33:38] Jill shares one benefit she has received from being a member of the Sales Maven Society.
  • [36:46] Jill, thank you for being on the show!
  • [37:19] When someone declines your offer, ask why they declined in a curious voice and see what they say.

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