Pricing Strategy: Charging For Your Expertise, Not Time

Sales Maven podcast-charging for expertise, not time

“When you think about charging, it's really important that you pay attention to the things you do, what are the results you give clients.”

Listen, as Nikki discusses pricing strategy, such as why you should charge for expertise, not time, how to have the conversation with your clients, and much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

“Are you always talking about the amount of time clients get with you, or are you talking about the results when writing up your sales pages,” Nikki says that people don't want to pay for time, they want to pay for results.

Nikki's pricing strategy is to set her pricing by the results her clients say they get from her. The stuff Nikki shares makes people money.

Listen, as Nikki discusses an exercise she wants all of you to do. Set aside some time to evaluate how much you have invested in learning the skills you have and then setting your prices. You might find that you are charging enough, or you might find that you are short changing yourself. If you want to talk it over with Nikki, she would be glad to talk with you.

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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[01:24] Nikki shares a story from her past called the Red Handled Wrench.

[07:47] Nikki discusses how the story relates to the topic of this episode.

[08:48] Think about your expertise and how you are positioning it in the market.

[09:50] When you start to sell results, clients don't care how much time you spend.

[10:59] Do you understand the value of your time?

[12:18] Nikki spoke about someone who recently reached out to her that wanted to work with her.

[14:04] Nikki shares a review she received from someone who was recently in a group strategy session.

[15:26] When you set your pricing, set it based on your client's results.

[17:13] Nikki gives the listener an exercise to complete.

[18:39] Take some time and evaluate how much you have invested in learning the skills you have and then setting your prices.

[20:08] Nikki invites you to join the Sales Maven Society.

[21:35] Thank you for listening!

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