Prospecting: A Sales Success Story

Rocio Baeza, CyberSecurityBase

Sales Maven Podcast-Prospecting, a sales success story

On this episode of Your Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Rocio Baeza, the Founder and CEO of CyberSecurityBase, discuss her success with selling her products to businesses.


 Prospecting is something she has worked with Nikki on, and she has really embraced the tips Nikki gave her to make prospecting much easier for her, which shows in the growth of her company.

Rocio shares the top five things she does now around selling she didn't do last year before working with Nikki. The selling staircase has been a game-changer with the structure that it gives her while talking to clients. Rocio believes that Nikki's communication through the Sales Maven Society is another important part of why she can speak to prospective clients with professional language.

Email structure, structuring the conversation, being confident in who you are and what you do, and using your network to ask for introductions are all things that Nikki teaches and things that Rocio has excelled at. If you would like to get help with sales, grow your company, or just need some resources, check out the Sales Maven Society.

Prospecting Continued…

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In This Episode:

  • [01:07] Welcome to the show, Rocio!
  • [01:36] First, Rocio shares about her company and what they do.
  • [03:15] Then, Rocio speaks about what entrepreneurs should know about their security.
  • [06:31] Before Rocio started working with Nikki, she viewed prospecting as a struggle.¬†
  • [08:11] Rocio says that she is actively using prospecting to grow her business.
  • [09:07] What are some things you learned from Nikki that you implement while prospecting?
  • [11:59] Rocio speaks about the five things she does differently this year she didn't do before working with Nikki.
  • [12:49] Then, Rocio believes the structure of the sales staircase has been a game-changer to her.
  • 14:30] Communication with Nikki through the Sales Maven Society is one thing that has helped her get the language right.
  • [16:48] Rocio believes that transitioning during a conversation with prospects is where she has seen a definite improvement.
  • [19:27] Next, Rocio says that she is so much more confident around prospecting now that she was before working with Nikki.
  • [23:03] Rocio shares that before working with Nikki, she would spend half a day preparing a call, but now she listens to the pain points they have and how she can help.
  • [25:20] Lastly, Rocio speaks about the significant role that Nikki has played in growing her business.
  • [27:31] Thank you for being on the show!


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