Public Speaking and How to Monetize It: On-Air Coaching Call

Mary Beth Simon, Niche Partnership Consulting

Sales Maven Podcast - Public speaking and how to monetize it with Mary Beth Simon

Have you ever used Nikki's “strive five” list at a conference?

Today, Nikki's guest is Mary Beth Simon, Founder of Niche Partnership Consulting and a Sales Maven Society Member. Mary Beth is asking Nikki for help to maximize her sales interactions with the attendees at a conference they have asked her to speak at. Public speaking and how to monetize it, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven podcast.

Listen, as Nikki shares some strategies with Mary Beth about selling without being overly pushy as the opportunities arise. Nikki also believes that it is important when speaking at an event that you are gracious and welcoming to everyone you come in contact with.

You never know when you might get a buying signal from an attendee when public speaking. 

Nikki shares her strive five list and 3-2-1 networking technique with Mary Beth and discusses some examples of how using these have helped position her to gain clients and opportunities. When speaking, it's important to weave some success stories into your speech to plant seeds and then follow through after the talk with people who are interested and want to learn more.

Mary Beth shares one benefit she has gained from being a member of the Sales Maven Society is a new group of resources. She loves having consistent access to people she already knows and ones she doesn't. Mary Beth feels like she can trust the people because they are in Nikki's community. Do you need sales resources to discover how to grow your business?



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In This Episode: Public Speaking & How To Monetize It

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Mary Beth!

[01:28] Mary Beth shares about her business and who she serves.

[03:46] Mary Beth speaks about the catalyst for starting her business.

[06:15] Listen as Mary Beth discusses how clients work with her.

[07:49] Mary Beth needs Nikki's help to prepare for a speaking engagement and maximize her sales interactions with the attendees.

[09:36] Nikki speaks about being strategic when using these opportunities to sell without being overly pushy.

[10:27] Attendees start to elevate speakers and want attention from them.

[11:01] Nikki suggests that you be really welcoming and gracious to anyone you come in contact with.

[11:58] From the time you get off that plane at the event, you are on.

[13:01] Be on the lookout for buying signals when you are talking to people.

[13:52] Nikki speaks about her strive five list.

[15:03] Then, Nikki explains her networking technique called 3-2-1.

[18:04] Next, Nikki shares a story about what happened when she used her strive five.

[19:48] When speaking, it's great to pre-frame with an opportunity for an offer or an invitation to approach.

[21:39] Nikki believes it is very important to weave success stories into your talk.

[22:35] If you have the opportunity to do a Q&A, it's a great place to plant seeds.

[24:10] Mary Beth talks about adding a strategy session to her packages for clients who just want to ask some questions.

[25:49] Nikki believes that strategy sessions are a good way for clients to dip their toes in the water.

[27:34] Mary Beth doesn't believe that people can get through her process without a coach.

[30:15] Nikki offers a bonus when someone signs up for a year of the Sales Maven Society.

[33:21] What has been one benefit of being a member of the Sales Maven society for you?

[34:35] Mary Beth offers a free gift for anyone who texts the word Kit to 33777.

[35:02] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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