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A Sales Success Story With Jill Shroyer

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Nikki’s guest today is returning guest Jill Shroyer, the CEO and Lead HR Consultant at Expedition HR and they discuss how asking the right questions in consult calls has impacted Jill's business.

Before we dive in to how learning techniques such as asking the right questions during consult calls from the Sales Maven Society has helped her business, let's learn a little more about Jill!

An expert on how to conduct tough conversations. Jill teaches businesses how to have tough conversations without feeling like a jerk! Businesses hire Expedition HR to provide on-demand, on-call expert HR and tough conversation support and guidance through the HR Subscription. It’s like having an HR Director on-call! Most clients find Expedition HR because they need help letting an employee go or because they need to solve an ongoing work performance problem.

Jill has over two decades of HR experience across five industries and is a published author of the book, Conquer Sticky Situations. She lives in Park City, Utah with her husband, two kids, and rescue pets, and she has many passions outside of work including mountain biking, skiing deep powder, and traveling abroad with her family!

Join Nikki as she and Jill discuss Jill’s innovative approach to HR consulting. Jill shares her journey of developing the Expedition HR subscription, a unique service tailored for businesses with 15-50 employees. Learn how Jill's model, which includes one-on-one support, unlimited Voxer access, and a comprehensive resource bank, provides companies with essential HR tools and guidance.

Techniques such as asking the right questions on consult calls has transformed her business

Jill also reveals how she leverages Nikki's sales techniques. Techniques like using softening phrases and refining consult questions in order to achieve growth and client satisfaction. She highlights the transformative power of asking the right questions in consult calls, offering immediate purchase links, and the importance of follow-up meetings to close sales effectively. Nikki and Jill also discuss the importance of adjusting communication styles, like modulating one's tone, to enhance clarity during conversations, especially tough ones.

Listen in to hear Jill's insights on navigating tough workplace discussions, her successful sales strategies, and the supportive culture of the Sales Maven Society. This episode is packed with valuable takeaways for anyone looking to improve their sales approach and handle challenging HR scenarios with confidence!

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In This Episode:

[00:30] – Today’s guest is Jill Shroyer of Expedition HR.

[01:04] – Jill explains how she specializes in tough workplace conversations through a flexible HR subscription.

[03:11] – Jill points out how very few clients make full use of the unlimited Voxer benefit, but she provides extensive support through it.

[04:53] – Nikki's phrase “Would it be okay to ask?” significantly contributed to Jill's exponential growth last year.

[06:49] – Jill touches upon how listening to Nikki's module on curling her voice down drastically improved her conversational tone.

[08:49] – Jill explains how she has refined her consult calls questions, looking to shorten calls to 30 minutes while gathering essential information.

[10:59] – Jill reveals how asking questions related to budget and offering immediate purchase options during consults improved her client engagement.

[14:08] – Nikki argues that asking questions, even uncomfortable ones, shows respect, earns business, and elevates you as the expert.

[16:56] – Hear how asking permission to share recommendations and requesting follow-up has positively transformed client interactions for Jill.

[20:16] – Jill feels that the Sales Maven Society fosters genuine connections and attracts sincere individuals for meaningful interactions.

[23:00] – Jill adds that the Sales Maven Society serves as a very important safety net and offers personalized coaching and support.

[23:57] – Where can Jill be reached online?


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