Sales Mindset & The Multiple Perspectives You Need To Be Successful

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“Sales is not something you do to somebody; it's something you do with somebody.”

Sales is about the other person, and at times, you need to become an expert at understanding the multiple perspectives involved in a sales discussion. So listen for Nikki's strategies on sales mindset and perspectives in order to be successful and much more on this Sales Maven Show episode. 

There are three perspectives that are critical that allow you to put yourself in this place and look at things from these different perspectives because when you can do that, new information is revealed to you. The first of the three perspectives is self, that's how you show up in a conversation. The second perspective is other: the person you are in a conversation with, and the third is the observer, the eagle-eye view of the conversation. Learning what these three perspectives do and how they show up in a conversation and how to use it to your advantage can make it easier to earn someone's business and help you to be successful.

Listen as Nikki does a deep dive into each of these perspectives and then how to use them to your advantage to be successful. 

“Learning how to move through perspectives is one of those things that will take your sales conversations to the next level.” Be careful about being stuck in one, you don't always want to be in the other perspective, it's not a good place to stay. You also don't want to get stuck in the observer perspective, it can be dangerous because you're not engaging the way the person needs, you're not showing up in that self version that person needs to decide to hire you.



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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[01:11] Thank you, LMctolentire, for the five-star review!

[03:03] Nikki shares why the word genius makes her laugh.

[03:31] Let's get into multiple perspectives.

[04:28] The first of the three perspectives is self.

[04:52] The second perspective is other.

[05:15] Lastly, the third perspective is the observer.

[06:11] Very few people can think of a situation from all three perspectives.

[07:36] Nikki shares a story about her NLP teacher.

[09:49] Let's talk about the idea of self and then being able to put yourself in the other person's shoes.

[11:00] What is it like for other people to be in conversation with you?

[13:11] Nikki gives her VIP clients an assignment that involves using self, other, and observer perspectives.

[14:56] Nikki shares some examples of getting stuck in the self-perspective when things aren't going well.

[17:01] Learning to move through perspectives will allow you to take your sales conversation to the next level.

[17:42] Nikki shares a situation she faced recently where it was very helpful to use different perspectives.

[21:18] Multiple perspectives can help in your personal life as well as your professional.

[23:23] The question of the week is, what if anything could I do to make it easier for this person to stay in conversation with me? Is the question of the week.


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