Mindset In Sales – What’s Keeping You Stuck

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What's your biggest mindset struggle when it comes to selling?

Do you worry about people judging you? Are you stressing about saying the right thing? Do you dread initiating sales conversations?

When's the last time you didn't send an email, post on social media or pick up the phone because you worried about what people would think? Have you ever not invited someone to work with you because you didn't want to come off as salesy? You are not alone.

Mindset issues are often what keep you playing small in your business.

Here's a simple truth, we all have mindset issues. Every Single One Of Us. Even the people you admire and aspire to be like are struggling with these issues.

I recently had a conversation with a rock star speaker. This woman has a thriving business. She gets paid thousands of dollars to speak about her expertise. During our call, she shared how she's struggling to raise her speaker fee. Her internal critic is questioning her value and thinks it might be crazy to demand a higher fee.

Another rock star businesswoman with a 500K+ business admitted during VIP coaching day with me that she dropped her price during a sales conversation with a client by $1000. When I asked why she gave the discount, she said the discounted price just came out of her mouth. The person she was talking with didn't even know about the discount, it was never addressed. She left $1000 on the table all because of a mindset issue.

Recently during a podcast interview, Geraldine Carter of She Thinks Big Podcast candidly opened up with her audience about her own sales mindset issue. It was something we dug into in her Strategy Session a few weeks before the interview. Geraldine is a rock star business coach that helps her clients achieve amazing results. She's a beloved coach and her clients rave about working with her.

All three of the examples shared don't even begin to demonstrate how often sales mindset issues come up in the selling process.

It's something I work with clients on constantly. Often we address one mindset issue only to be faced with a new one shortly after. It's just the nature of how we work as humans.

The truth is, even once you know what your limiting mindset issue is, you still may struggle in the sales process. The best way to ensure your success is by strengthening your selling skills. This way you have a foundation of techniques to see you through your struggle. Knowing what to say and what to do gives you the confidence you need to stick to the process, follow the structure and move prospects to the close of the sale.

All three of the women mentioned have reported back that by using the techniques I taught them, they've been able to experience a new level of success. Since everyone has mindset issues, it's safe to assume that regardless of your level of success, some mindset issue will arise.

Teaching selling techniques to support people through their mindset issues has been my passion for the last five years. When people have sales skills, they know what to do and what to say to close business even when a mindset issue bubbles to the surface. It's a surefire way to increase their overall success.

Ensuring people's success is the reason the Sales Maven Society was established.

It's a safe place to share mindset issues, learn powerful selling techniques and receive direct support from me as well as the community.

In the society, I strategize and coach members on how to overcome anything keeping them stuck in the selling process, engage with their prospects/clients and focus on revenue-generating activities. There are amazing strides being made by the members.

In every field, whether it be sports, music, art or business, coaches stress the importance of foundational skills. Without these skills, people rarely achieve long-term success. None of us go into business to be a one-hit wonder. Be sure you're laying down a strong foundation to support you through whatever mindset issue comes up next.

Wishing you continued success.

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