Sell Like A Woman: The Art of Genuine Sales Conversations

sell like a woman

Do you find sales conversations stressful?

When you find sales conversations stressful, it’s often because you’ve either never been trained on how to have effective sales conversations or because you’ve been exposed to the “Bro Sales” approach, which is out of alignment with your style. 

After spending the last 10+ years primarily training hundreds of women how to sell effectively, I've identified a few common strategies that the most successful clients implement. Let’s explore these strategies to understand why they work so well and learn to sell like a woman.


Strategy 1: Build Rapport

The cornerstone of successful relationships is built on the foundation of rapport. The conversation becomes easier and flows more smoothly when rapport exists between the prospect and the seller.

Consider someone who has easily established rapport with you. Have you observed that you’re more comfortable sharing details about your life or business? Enjoyable conversations also tend to last longer. Furthermore, you become more receptive to their suggestions or feedback regarding your current situation.

In my journey of teaching women how to sell effectively, I dedicate significant time to showing clients strategies for building rapport before attempting to sell someone. This is a key differentiator that sets women apart in the sales arena. By fostering a genuine connection, women create an environment where trust can flourish, laying the groundwork for successful sales interactions.


sell like a womanStrategy 2: Collaborate

Another strength women bring to the sales conversation is a natural inclination toward collaboration. The ability to work together with prospects, rather than adopting a competitive stance, is a powerful approach.

Collaboration fosters a sense of partnership, making the prospect feel valued and heard. In my experience, women who excel at collaboration find their clients are more likely to view them as trusted advisors rather than mere salespeople. This collaborative spirit strengthens the client-seller relationship and opens doors to long-term partnerships.


It's time to shift away from traditional sales norms and embrace a more authentic and effective way of selling – sell like a woman. 


Strategy 3: Be Flexible In Your Approach

Flexibility is a key asset in successful selling, and women often excel in adapting their approach to meet the unique needs of each prospect. Unlike rigid sales tactics that may work in some scenarios but fall flat in others, a flexible approach allows women to navigate various situations with finesse.

Being attuned to the prospect's preferences and adjusting the sales strategy accordingly demonstrates a high level of empathy and understanding. This adaptability is a significant factor in the success of women in sales, enabling them to connect with a diverse range of clients on a deeper level.

My all-time favorite quote is, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” – anonymous.

Teaching clients to infuse flexibility into their sales conversations boosts their success rates. Now, they approach sales discussions with increased confidence and curiosity, increasing their overall close rate.


Strategy 4: Interested in Genuine Conversation With Prospects

One of the standout qualities that sets women apart in sales is their genuine interest in having meaningful conversations with prospects. Instead of focusing solely on closing deals, women prioritize understanding the prospect's needs and concerns.

Engaging in authentic conversations allows women to uncover the root of the prospect's challenges and tailor their solutions accordingly. This genuine interest builds trust as well as positions them as empathetic partners invested in the success of their clients.


To sell like a woman involves mastering these four key strategies: building rapport, collaborating, being flexible in your approach, and engaging in genuine conversations with prospects. Embracing these approaches creates a unique and powerful dynamic that drives success and fosters lasting connections with clients. 





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