How To Sell A Want Vs. Selling A Need

Feat. Laurie Hermance-Moore, Heritage Bridge

Sales Maven Podcast-How to sell a want vs selling a need

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into your family history?

Listen, as Nikki and her guest Laurie Hermance-Moore, a Sales Maven Society member, have an on-air coaching call around this subject. Laurie is asking Nikki for help to figure out how to create interest and curiosity when you are selling something that is more of a want than a need. Then, Nikki will advise her on the best ways to make this happen. 

Laurie is a professional genealogist and solves mysteries to bring her clients' ancestors to life. She is the founder of Heritage Bridge, where she designs experiences for clients who want to create a legacy for their families and connect with their place in history. She is accredited in genealogy research for US Midwest states through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists.

How to sell a want…

Listen, as Nikki shares her idea of using stories to show the impact her work has on clients to enable her to showcase what she brings to the table. Nikki teaches her some tricks on how to sell a want. Laurie speaks about trying to get potential clients to view what she does as valuable enough that they feel good about putting their money on something that is not essential.

Nikki suggests ways to get Laurie’s name recognized as an expert in her field by structuring a signature talk, launching a free webinar with an amazing offer for potential clients, and using her network to get introduced to people who will find what her company does helpful. 

Laurie shares the benefits she has received by being a member of the Sales Maven Society and encourages all members to use the resources available. As usual, Nikki shares what she knows to give Laurie the direction she needs which will increase her client base and grow her business. You don’t want to miss this episode.

In This Episode:

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Laurie!

[01:30] Laurie shares what she does and how she helps people.

[02:58] Listen as Laurie speaks about a common question people ask her about researching their family history.

[06:10] Laurie discusses finding heirs and giving them an inheritance they knew didn't know they had.

[07:15] What is the prestigious certification that you hold?

[08:40] Laurie speaks about what she needs Nikki's help with today.

[10:08] Nikki says to create an interesting story around the impact of what her work has had on a client.

[12:21] A picture is worth a thousand words, and a story is worth a thousand pictures

[13:52] Do you feel that people are more interested in experiences than things now?

[14:56] Laurie shares how she moves past the academic research report and finds maps, photographs, and locations to create a tour of their ancestors.

[15:56] Nikki discusses targeting what potential clients want their legacy to be.

[18:08] Laurie says that she feels that financial planners and attorneys might be natural referrals for her business.

[21:01] Could you structure a signature talk? Have you thought about what you could say?

[23:21] Nikki speaks about having an offer ready if you do a free webinar.

[25:02] Never be afraid to use your network to reach out and ask people to introduce people they know.

[28:48] When you are at these speaking opportunities, share your stories and plant seeds to other individuals about their legacies.

[29:33] Thank you so much for agreeing to this on-air coaching call.

[30:18] What has been of value to you as a Sales Maven Society member?

[32:10] Thank you for listening about how to sell!


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