Selling At A Live Event: On-Air Coaching

Dr. Thuy Tran

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As an entrepreneur, you’ll come across potential clients who want to take action at that moment.

For example, imagine you present to an audience at a live event and potential clients are ready to pay for your value. It’d be a wasted opportunity to not have a plan or offer available. Keep your sales conversations ready to go, so you don’t miss out on serving clients.

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value for your audience.

Today, Dr. Thuy “Gina” Tran brings up questions about selling at a live event in an on-air coaching call on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Thuy (pronounced Twee, also known as Gina) is a health consultant and coach with 20 plus years of experience as a pharmacist. She is the founder of Dr.GinaTran where she practices her passion of empowering and guiding her clients to find natural solutions for the symptoms of gut and hormone health since they are intimately interwoven. When she is not practicing and teaching, she enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, walking, gardening, reading a book with her children, and learning new things. You can always find her in a quiet place where she meditates and gracefully appreciates what life has offered her.

In today’s episode, Nikki and Thuy brainstorm ways to sell at a live event.

Thuy describes the set up for an upcoming live event where she wants to share her offer that flows from a consultation into coaching for ideal clients. Since it’s a live event, Thuy knows the presentation and timing of her offer need to be intentional. Listen as Nikki and Thuy discuss how to pair offers together, how to communicate with event collaborators, and how to use Nikki’s trifold hack.

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In This Episode:

[00:29] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[00:51] – Dr. Thuy “Gina” Tran talks about being in the Sales Maven Society the past few years.

[02:17] – How Dr. Thuy empowers clients to own their health and wellness. PART 1

[04:45] – How Dr. Thuy empowers clients to own their health and wellness. PART 2

[06:24] – Does your medical professional understand your health history?

[08:00] – How does Dr. Thuy’s work connect to gut and hormone health?

[09:31] – Then, Dr. Thuy explains where her nickname “Gina” comes from.

[11:17] – Now, Dr. Thuy is prepping to sell at a live event.

[13:34] – How can offers be paired together?

[15:46] – Then, Nikki shares how to frame and present the offer during a live event.

[18:03] – Give people a chance to opt-in on the spot.

[20:20] – Then, Nikki shares a trifold hack she previously used at live events. PART 1

[22:53] – Nikki shares a trifold hack she previously used at live events. PART 2

[25:39] – Then, how can you determine which potential clients are a good fit before making the offer?

[28:12] – Be willing to test different approaches.

[30:54] – Dr. Thuy enjoys how her communication skills changed thanks to the Sales Maven Society.

[32:59] – Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!

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