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An On-Air Coaching Call With Amber Peterson, Pinwheel Strategic Marketing

Sales Maven Podcast - Selling the complete solution with Amber Peterson


“People that are coming to you want you to be the expert; they want you to recommend what they need to get the results they want.”

Today, Nikki's guest is Amber Peterson, Founder and CEO of Pinwheel Strategic Marketing and a Sales Maven Society member. Amber needs Nikki's support around selling her clients the whole scope around their Pinterest funnel, not just her services on Pinterest. Selling the complete solution and more on this episode of the Sales Maven podcast.

Listen as Nikki gives her insights and suggestions to Amber on how to frame her offers, so she starts with the top package and works her way down, always keeping her client's needs at the forefront.

Nikki believes that if you start at the lowest package, the client thinks you recommend it because it's the first one you brought to their attention. Remember, you are the expert, and they will take their cues from you, don't sell from someone else's wallet.

Amber shares that her favorite thing about being in the Sales Maven Society is how the community responds to her questions. She believes that the community is really collaborative, and it's a nice place to be and to share ideas and get ideas. Are you ready to be part of a powerhouse of brilliant minds?

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In This Episode: Selling the Complete Solution

[01:05] Amber, welcome to the show!

[01:30] Amber shares her background, her business, and how she services clients.

[04:17] Then, Listen as Amber tells Nikki what she needs her help with.

[06:17] Nikki believes that Amber's issue comes down to how she phrases her proposal's layout.

[07:26] Next, Nikki suggests some language that Amber can use when laying out the packages she offers and get the client to buy the best one for them.

[10:28] Amber realizes her block is a mindset issue and that it's not personal.

[11:52] Nikki says that if you are always starting with the lower-priced option, that's what they are going to think is their recommendation because it's what you said first.

[14:23] Nikki believes that if people could do this independently, they wouldn't be talking to you.

[16:30] Amber speaks about reminding herself that not everyone can create content as easily as she can.

[18:42] Then, Amber discusses continually refining her ideal client and niching down to people who want to buy back time.

[21:46] Amber shares one benefit she receives from being in the Sales Maven group.

[24:00] Lastly, Amber speaks about some pivots she has made in her business over the years.

[26:18] Thank you for being on the show!


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