Selling With Confidence

A Sales Success Story With Marcie Towle

selling with confidence

Nikki is honored to have today’s guest, Marcie Towle, on the Sales Maven Podcast and they're discussing selling with confidence.

Marcie is the owner of Dragon Fire Coaching, where she helps clients ignite greatness in their lives by teaching them how to build Inner Wealth™ using Nurtured Heart Approach®.  Marcie has spent her entire career helping others lead their best lives. She is a certified Advanced Trainer of Nurtured Heart Approach, certified Health Coach, taught both group and 1:1 fitness for over 25 years, and has been a business owner since 1993.

Most people find their way to Marcie and Nurtured Heart through a challenging child in their lives. She especially enjoys working with parents of teens and adults who want to have better relationships with their kids. Once clients learn the tools Marcie teaches, they find that these very same tools help them navigate any challenge with confidence.

Selling With Confidence

Listen as Marcie shares insights into maintaining strong parent-child connections during pivotal developmental stages, and learn how she’s used Nikki’s expertise in her consultation process to revolutionize her approach, empowering her to lead meetings confidently. She also discusses her journey within the Sales Maven Society, where she discovered unexpected community support and invaluable insights.

Whether you're seeking to enhance parent-child relationships or refine your consultation skills, this episode offers practical wisdom and heartfelt anecdotes. Tune in to explore Marcie's transformation and glean actionable strategies for business success and personal growth.

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In This Episode:

[00:27] – Nikki introduces today’s guest – Marcie Towle of Dragon Fire Coaching.

[00:50] – Marcie provides some information about herself and her business.

[01:24] – Marcie points out how parents may grow apart from their children, but guidance fosters connection and support.

[02:59] – Learn a little bit about Marcie’s other business, R+E Cycles.

[04:06] – Marcie has learned that using your pre-framing structure establishes authority, puts prospects at ease, and avoids over-coaching.

[06:57] – Working with Nikki has helped Marcie stand confidently in her expertise.

[08:12] – Nikki argues that as confidence grows, boundaries become clearer, fueling even more confidence in business endeavors.

[09:18] – Understanding boundaries is central to Marcie’s teachings, yet applying them varies between coaching and parenting.

[09:52] – We often struggle with applying our own advice, a universal challenge in professional and personal realms.

[11:54] – What is the best way to get in touch with Marcie?


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