Storytelling In Business: How To Get Started

storytelling in business

“In sales, storytelling is such a powerful technique.” and “Storytelling brings your content to life.”

These are just two examples of why Nikki believes that storytelling is so important. Listen as Nikki shares how to use story in your business and how to use story to sell, plus much more on this Sales Maven Show episode. 

“The idea is getting to a place where you feel comfortable that you have some stories in your back pocket, and you can whip them out whenever you need to.” Nikki shares how she fell in love with storytelling at a storytelling class in the Redwood Forest with her friend Stacy and why she believes storytelling is the language of the brain.

Storytelling is a great way to build rapport with a potential client.

One advantage of telling a story is that people will put themselves into the context of the story, and it makes it easier for them to take the next step with you when they can find themselves in the story. You don't memorize the story; you get the bones of the story, and you do the best telling of it you can. When you tell your story to a client, if it doesn't land, then change it up.

Nikki believes there are four types of stories you should be on the lookout for. The expertise story is a story that demonstrates your credibility and knowledge. The second is the surprise benefit story, an unintended positive outcome. Chunking sideways is the third type, and the last type is the “so-what” story. The so-what stories are the bigger stories that demonstrate the transformation that happens for people.

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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

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[03:50] In sales, storytelling is such a powerful technique.

[05:31] By working story into your conversations with people, it helps at a much deeper level.

[07:47] What are the stories that you tell?

[10:30] There is hunger in the world, and the hunger is for a story is something that Nikki's NLP teacher says.

[12:11] When you tell a story, people find themselves in the story.

[15:01] Telling a story takes practice, tell a story out loud to yourself and make sure it has a beginning, middle, and end.

[16:25] One tip to telling a good story is picking a story and taking it for a walk.

[18:11] Nikki is always on the hunt for a good story. 

[19:03] What is an example of that applies to my work? Ask yourself this question when you are on the lookout for a story.

[21:43] The expertise story is one of the four types of stories you should be on the lookout for.

[24:52] Chunking sideways is the third type of story.

[27:30] What are your so what stories from your client work?

[27:55] If you need more help with stories, sign up for Nikki's Masterclass.

[30:07] Nikki shares her question of the week.

[32:40] Nikki would love to hear your feedback from this episode; please connect with her on social media.

[33:13] Thank you so much for listening!

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