Success Leaves Clues: Here’s How

success leaves clues

Success Leaves Clues.

When's the last time you thought about what success means to you? Is this something you focus on regularly?

Years ago when learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we learned that success leaves clues. Learning how to pay exquisite attention to the people who are having success in certain areas of their life/business will give you insight on what you need to adjust in your life to attain your success.

Paying attention to others behaviors and implementing does not mean copying someone else or trying to be something you're not. It's about applying and adjusting what works for someone else on your terms.

For instance, when I went to work for a large manufacturer in the technology space, it was the first time I would be selling to distributors and dealers in the market. Up to that point, I'd only ever sold to end users. This meant I needed to learn how best to build relationships with people who had previously been competitors.

Success Leaves Clues Continued…

The first thing I did was connect with the top producing sales rep at my company. I approached him with a genuine interest in getting to know him as well as understand his way of thinking when he was selling to his customers. He was more than willing to answer questions and offer advice. I decided I wanted my clients to have as great of an experience as his clients did.

I didn't try mimicking his way of being; he was a sports guy, a big beer drinker, and would say inappropriate, yet funny things. None of those applied to my personality.

The way I did apply what I learned from him meant getting to know my customers on a personal level, going to bat for them when they needed something from my management team, and committing to helping them win deals. As a result, my sales soared, and within a short time, I became the top producing rep at my company.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: Success Leaves Clues

Look for the people around you experiencing a high level of success. Extend yourself and get to know them. Ask questions and be open to suggestions and advice. Take what works for them and apply it to your own business/life.

When I started Sales Maven, I didn't know what it would take to make my business successful. I purposely connected with anyone who was willing to spend time with me and answer questions. One woman, in particular, met me for coffee and what I discovered about this woman is that she approaches people from a place of service. She went out of her way to introduce me to some amazing connections and business opportunities. I knew instantly that the way she showed up to our coffee date was the way I wanted to show up when I met people as well. From a place of wanting to help.

As a result, I often leave conversations with this question, “How might I be a resource for you?” The offer is genuine, and it's been a great relationship builder.

Ask yourself, who are those people you admire? What are they doing that resonates with you and how might you apply this to your business? Remember, success leaves clues and those clues are waiting for you to recognize and implement.

Wishing you continued success this week.

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