Using Social Media For Business Development: A Sales Success Story

social media

Today, Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Karen Rae. Karen is the founder of Fave Lifestyles, a lifestyle brand and community for women to amplify their expertise to the community seeking the resources to create their Fave life. Fave is a place for women in business…

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Is It Safe?

Safety, Client Interactions, Savvy Selling, Rapport, Communication

An important selling technique is knowing how to create a safe environment for your clients. Safety can come in many forms and serve multiple purposes in the selling process. Safety in the context I’m talking about is knowing how to put your clients at ease so they’re more open to hearing your message and doing…

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Delivering on Expectations

Client Relationships, Selling, Business Tips

Recently, while having a discussion with a client, she mentioned her favorite color was red. As soon as she said “red,” I imagined fire engine red. Then she said, “Not candy apple red, blood red.”  If she had not clarified the shade of red, I would have gone on thinking my version of red was…

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