What Are Clients Saying Behind Your Back?

Business Reputation, Positive Impression, Rapport, Savvy Sales Tip

Have you ever wondered what people say about you and your business when you’re not around? Of course, we all want our happy clients out there singing our praise. But, is that happening? And if not, why not? Not too long ago someone (let’s call this person Chris) who I’ve admired in business was all…

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Over Promise & Under Deliver

over promise

When’s the last time you committed to something for a client and because life got in the way, you ended up dropping the ball? Did it negatively impact your relationship with your client? Did you have to go back and apologize or did you just not bring it up the next time you interacted with…

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Delivering On Client’s Expectations

Client's Expectations

Recently, while having a discussion with a client, she mentioned her favorite color was red. As soon as she said “red,” I imagined fire engine red. Then she said, “Not candy apple red, blood red.”  If she had not clarified the shade of red, I would have gone on thinking my version of red was…

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