Do This First – The Sales Will Come

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Have you ever met someone and instantly thought to yourself, this person is only interested in selling me something? If you’re like me, that is an instant turn off, and usually, I want to get out of that conversation as fast as possible. Too many people are approaching sales as if the only thing that…

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What Are They Really Asking?

Client Questions, Confusing Customer Questions, Responding to questions

Have you ever had a client ask you a question and you thought, “Why in the world are they asking me this?” Or maybe you felt pressured to answer a question when you didn’t want to in order to maintain the relationship. Maybe you were raised in an environment where if someone asks you a…

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Slow Down When Presenting

slow down, presenting, speaking tips

Have you ever found yourself in the audience with a speaker teaching you something and talking so fast, you end up shutting down and giving up on trying to learn what they’re teaching because they won’t slow down? Maybe, you initially tried to stay engaged and then found yourself frustrated, feeling as if you needed…

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