Are You Fumbling The Close?

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Are you fumbling the close in the selling process? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Being proficient at closing sales is one of the most requested skills I’m asked to teach. You can have the best product/service and you can even have the best price and still struggle to make money when you don’t know how…

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Bringing Intensity To Relationship Selling

Woman exhibiting relationship selling over a cup of coffee

When’s the last time you wondered if you should bring more intensity into your selling process? Maybe you suspect that your sales would increase if you were more aggressive. Yet bringing intensity may not be your style and therefore is too far outside of your comfort zone to be effective for you. Maybe you should…

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Are You Doing What It Takes to Win Sales?

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When it comes to growing your business and specifically sales, how’s it going? Are you on track and meeting your weekly and monthly goals? For those who are rocking their sales, Congrats! You deserve recognition for your hard work and effort. For those who aren’t yet where they want to be, let’s get serious. Time…

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Getting Told “No” Sucks

Getting Told No, Closing Business, Savvy Selling

It’s true; it sucks when a client you want to work with tells you “No.” Maybe you’ve worked hard to earn their business. Maybe you know your product/service is a good fit to solve their problem and meet their need. Maybe they have a large network of contacts and would be a potential referral source for your…

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