Is It Lack Of Interest Or Is It Your Sales Approach?

Sales Approach, Selling Skills, Relationship Selling, Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch

Do you know how you’re perceived by others? When’s the last time you spent time and money promoting a product/service and nobody bought from you? Did you blame the lack of interest on the product/service? Did you ever wonder if it was your overall sales approach?  Lack of Interest Or A Bad Sales Approach A…

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Successful Prospecting

prospecting, sales tip, mis-steps, sales training, business building

Successful prospecting is something we all want, and yet most of us are terrified of it. The idea of reaching out to people to earn their business can be scary. It’s also one of the things most of us avoid doing at all costs. How successful are you at prospecting? How often do you actually…

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Set Yourself Up For Successful Sales Calls

Sales Calls, Prospecting, Selling, First Impressions

Have you ever received a call from a sales person and they pretended you’ve met even though you knew you hadn’t? Or maybe they told you something they knew about you, however, the information was wrong. At what point did you end the call? Probably pretty quick. Last week, I received a call out of…

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