You’re Right & Now You’ve Lost A Client

“Do you like to be right?” Nikki is excited to bring you this episode of the Sales Maven podcast. She shares some stories, and some techniques for you to think about in your conversations when you think you’re right and want to say something. You may find some new ways to think about your communication…

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Ask Questions: How To Do It When You’re Being Talked At

How to ask questions when you're being talked at

Nikki’s guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Brandy Searcy. Brandy is a Sales Maven Society member and the creator of the product line Rain Organica. Brandy needs Nikki’s support when she is in a situation where she is selling and purchasing. What amount of selling she should do versus asking questions to be sure…

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Thoughtful Communication For Connection Requests

Sales Maven podcast - how to compost thoughtful communication for connection requests with Melina Palmer

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Sales Maven Podcast, and Nikki is doing something special to thank you for listening. Her guest today is Melina Palmer of The Brainy Business podcast, Nikki’s go-to podcast. Melina is an amazing person, a brilliant business owner, and Nikki’s favorite podcaster of all time. Join these two as…

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