You’re Right & Now You’ve Lost A Client

“Do you like to be right?” Nikki is excited to bring you this episode of the Sales Maven podcast. She shares some stories, and some techniques for you to think about in your conversations when you think you’re right and want to say something. You may find some new ways to think about your communication…

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Storytelling In Business: How To Get Started

storytelling in business

“In sales, storytelling is such a powerful technique.” and “Storytelling brings your content to life.” These are just two examples of why Nikki believes that storytelling is so important. Listen as Nikki shares how to use story in your business and how to use story to sell, plus much more on this Sales Maven Show…

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Pricing Strategy: Charging For Your Expertise, Not Time

Sales Maven podcast-charging for expertise, not time

“When you think about charging, it’s really important that you pay attention to the things you do, what are the results you give clients.” Listen, as Nikki discusses pricing strategy, such as why you should charge for expertise, not time, how to have the conversation with your clients, and much more on this episode of…

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How To Handle Awkward Encounters

awkward situations, business conversations, sales tips, sales maven, sales speaker

Handling awkward encounters is something we’ve all had come up in business. When’s the last time you avoided attending an event because you were worried about running into someone? Did you regret not going after the fact? Maybe there was business to be had and because you weren’t there, you missed out on working with an…

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How To Create Curiosity About Your Business

create curiosity

Have you ever noticed the difference between how you call a dog vs. how you call a cat? Many times when people call dogs, there is excitement in their tone and an almost frantic pitch to their voice, “Come here boy, come here boy…” When calling a cat, we tend to take a different approach.…

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