How To Make More Money With Less Clients

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What is the best way to make more money without needing more clients? Well first, it helps to not assume that current clients know all the different ways they can work with you. If you understand a client’s journey, you can offer services and products that naturally align to where they’re headed and make more…

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Email Sequence: Why A Well-Written One Is Key In Marketing

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In today’s world, email has become one of the most commonly used forms of communication. It is used for personal communication as well as for business communication. When it comes to marketing and selling products or services, an email sequence is a powerful tool. However, it’s not just about sending any email to your subscribers.…

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Email Marketing: Sales Success Story

email marketing

True business serendipity happens when people meet at the right place at the right time. The magic of serendipity acts on its own, however, you can influence the odds. You can create the right place at the right time through your sales conversations, whether in email marketing or at events. Your very own Sales Maven,…

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Conversion Email Sequences: Sales Success Story

conversation email sequences

It was such a blast discussing Cognomovement with mother-daughter dynamic duo Liz Larson and Leah Larson! Along with talking about conversion email sequences, they talk about their roles within the company and how the company came to be. Like how Liz implemented a sales program as a sales trainer in the car business and was…

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Email List: When & How To Make Email Offers

email list

Are you actively focused on growing your list of email subscribers? Do you know what the biggest source of leads has been to grow your subscriber list? More importantly, how engaged are the people on your list? Growing and nurturing an email list is an important aspect to a thriving business for most entrepreneurs. It’s…

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