Stop Wasting Giveaways On The “Well-Connected”


When’s the last time you gave away product/services to a “well-connected” person in hopes they’d refer people to you? How did it work out?  Have they sent a ton of business your way? Read on about why “well connected” giveaways might not be best for your business. Chances are, the well-connected person hasn’t even sent…

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Giveaway: Things You’re Wasting Money On By Giving Away

giveaway, samples, demo gear, strategic, business building

Are you giving things away (e.g. samples, demo equipment, free sessions) as a means to build your business? Do you ever wonder if you’re wasting money on your giveaway? Would you like to be more effective and get a better return on your investment? There’s certainly a time and place to use a giveaway as…

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