Is Your Scheduling Software For Appointments Turning Clients Off?

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Is your scheduling software for appointments turning clients off? When’s the last time you read through the message attached to your scheduling link? There are so many reasons to use a scheduling program and it can easily turn people off when not positioned properly. Two years ago I wrote an article called, Technology Isn’t Always The Answer. In…

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Are You Maximizing Business Referrals?

Do you ever wonder if you’re maximizing your business referrals?  When’s the last time someone sent you a referral? And how long did it take you to follow up with the referral? Check out this week’s tip on how to maximize referrals in your business. You may be diminishing your chances of getting another referral…

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Do You Know Where You’re Going?

When driving somewhere new, how are you at finding your final destination? Maybe you have a strong sense of direction. If so, I admire that quality in you. I describe myself as being “geographically challenged.”  That means I get lost super easy. Back before we had GPS in our cars and on our cell phones,…

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