When Clients Dismiss Your Advice For Business

When Clients Dismiss Your Advice For Business, sales maven, sales tips, sales coach

When’s the last time someone hired you for your expertise only to completely dismiss everything you suggested? Maybe you assumed the client was being stubborn or maybe you thought to yourself, “What a jerk.” What should you do when clients dismiss your advice for business? We’ve all been around people that no matter what we…

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Don’t Be Fooled, This Isn’t Just “Off The Cuff”

Athletic woman doing planks

Do you admire people who can do things, “off the cuff?” When someone makes something look easy, many of us assume the person is just naturally talented. We don’t often get a peek behind the curtain to know how much time and effort someone has put into honing their particular skill. I had the very…

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Words That Motivate and Influence

Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, Sales Tip

Do you have words that motivate and influence you? Trigger words? Words that when you hear them pique your interest. Or, maybe even stop you in your tracks because you’ve got to know more? Most of us have a few trigger words. Of course one of the biggest challenges is knowing what are the “right”…

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A Simple Brand Strategy To Boost Your Visibility and Influence

Brand Strategy, Marketing, Influence, Visibility,

Being consistent and sharing content that gains you and your company brand Visibility and Influence in the marketplace is an essential key to building a brand empire. As a special treat for you this week, I’ve asked my friend and mentor, Joie Gharrity, to be my first ever guest blogger. She’s been a huge inspiration…

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