Branding For Introverts

branding for introverts

Today’s episode is part of Nikki’s Mastering Excellence series, and Nikki is happy to be sitting down with Tanya Goodall Smith, author of The Introvert’s Guide to Personal Branding: How to Put Yourself Out There Without Changing Who You Are. Tanya founded WorkStory Creative, an agency that helps introverts who are evolving their business create…

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How To Come Up With Your Next Business Idea

next business idea

Life is filled with inspiration for your next business idea. All that’s left to do is to tap into your passion and figure out which idea to pursue. Where will your passion for business take you next? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your…

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How To List Build

how to list build

Marketing is all about conversations. You attract your audience through what you talk about and how you engage with potential clients. An email list creates a friendly ongoing conversation between you and your ideal clients. Have you invited your ideal clients to this opportunity? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer…

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How To Create Wealth Online

create wealth online

Online business changes the lives of so many people, which is why it’s such a sought-after goal. Many people make it seem easy so there’s confusion about how to make an online business successful. What does it really take to thrive in online business? How can you create wealth online? Your very own Sales Maven,…

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How To Create Messages That Bring People In Without Shutting Others Out

create messages, sales maven, sales strategies, business strategies

People can feel left out or annoyed by content without the brand realizing the impact of what’s published. Awareness of different ways of being is important for brands to consider. Placing yourself in another person’s experience helps you understand the world differently and possibly helps you avoid a hurtful misunderstanding. When you create messages are…

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How To Build Confidence & Let Go Of Self Doubt

how to build confidence

“We’re all in sales.” Even people who work in non-traditional sales roles must know they are selling before any chance to present an offer. We’re all in sales since sales is effective communication, negotiation, and persuasion from the moment we introduce ourselves. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques,…

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How To Put People At Ease Quickly

at ease, sales maven, sales help, sales strategy

Connections are what help your business thrive. If you want to make the most of your connections, it’s best to show up in service to those you plan on connecting with. How can you build relationships and develop rapport to put people at ease? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer…

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How To Communicate With Intent

with intent

Having strong communication skills takes you far in every area of life. You can have all the skills and education as an entrepreneur, yet find yourself not getting results. Intentional communication could be what you need to accomplish goals through rapport, credibility, and cooperation. So how do you communicate with intent? Your very own Sales…

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How To Master Your Emotions In Sales

master your emotions

“We make buying decisions based on emotions, not logic.” This may be the typical sentence you hear when discussing sales and emotions. The statement is useful, yet it doesn’t cover the full picture. Your emotions as an entrepreneur also impact the way your sales, goals, and business growth develop. Have you ever thought about the…

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How To Access Anyone In Business

how to access, sales tips

You can grow your business by having connections to helpful relationships. To maximize your opportunities, you must first get to know the person. The question then becomes: How do you start to truly know someone? How can you access anyone in business? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques,…

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How To Lead A Sales Team: Mastering Excellence Series

lead a sales team, sales maven, sales coach, sales advice

Leadership is not only about the people who report to you directly. Every level of your sales team contributes in a special way, and each level deserves support. Leaders of effective sales teams empower all team members to ignite collaboration and own their role in the big vision. This is how you lead a sales…

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How To Make Money: Mastering Excellence Series

how to make money, sales maven, business advice, business owner

Money is a tool and a resource that empowers you to support your choices. Your business is one of the ways to generate access to money. If you are on your entrepreneurial journey, it could be time to rethink your approach to monetizing, saving, and investing. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here…

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How To Ask The Right Question In Any Situation

ask the right question

Many entrepreneurs place a lot of effort into marketing so they can get in front of their ideal audience. A few people in the audience will open themselves to learning more about an offer. As an entrepreneur, when you get to that opening, do you know what questions steer your potential clients towards a successful…

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Strategies To Use Social Media More Effectively

social media strategies

You go to engage with your audience on social media, then suddenly you find yourself still there several memes later. Social media is integrated into how entrepreneurs support their business, which can also lead to distractions. Can you get out of the doom scroll without messing up your marketing strategy? Your very own Sales Maven,…

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Crafting An SEO Strategy For Your Business

seo strategy

A lot of entrepreneurs look at SEO Strategy as a task list with so much to do and many moving parts. Sure, SEO Strategy has a technical part. However, what’s more important is knowing who you’re targeting and knowing how to speak to your audience in a way that’s helpful to them. Your very own…

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How to Merge Multiple Passions Into One Business Concept

business concept

We all have something to contribute to the world, and sometimes, that gift comes in multiple forms. Since there are many ways to express your gift, you may feel called to do different passions. What if you knew how to build an ecosystem (one business concept) for all your talents to thrive? Your very own…

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How To Be A Super Connector

super connector

A person who knows “a friend of a friend” never runs out of resources. Are you a super connector? Every connection you build is not only good for others, it’s good for yourself. On top of that, trust deepens in the relationships around you as you consistently make connections. Where does this journey start? Your very…

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How To Be An Effective Negotiator

Effective Negotiator

Negotiation is misunderstood. Why should you be an effective negotiator? As a negotiator, you could be completely focused on whether your prospective client says “Yes” or “No”, how long the negotiation is taking, and if you get exactly what you want from the deal. As an effective negotiator, you start to look at how much…

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How Strategy Informs Your Decision Making

how strategy

Even with the biggest goal, understand that your strategy begins the ripple of impact your ideas create. Strategy is not a rigid regimen or lifeless chore, rather, it’s a daily journey. Building a strategy takes you a step closer towards your decision making and influences the world around you. Do you know what impact you want…

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How To Have Energetic Sovereignty & Not Take Sales Personally

Energetic Sovereignty

Entrepreneurs experience enmeshment with their business when too much of their energy is tied to results. You might worry that everything will crumble without you, or that you need a specific deal to guarantee your success. Anytime you engage with sales in this way your power is outside of you. How can you bring your…

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How To Deconstruct A Challenge & Create An Action Plan

Create an action plan

What if you could always find a solution to your problems? There will always be unexpected happenings at one point or another, and knowing how to deal with them makes situations less stressful. This skill to create an action plan comes from taking a step back from the problem. You get past challenges by creating…

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Networking Tools: How To Talk To Anyone

networking tools how to talk to anyone

Building relationships is more fun than it might seem at first. Especially when you have the right networking tools.  In society, there’s a burden to force connections and balance social performance. What’s interesting is how that’s far from the reality of effective networking. When you use networking tools to develop your networking skills, you can…

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How To Simplify Concepts To Sell More

how to simplify concepts

When you’re relaying information to your team or clients, you need to give yourself time to understand how you want to approach the delivery. People can’t make decisions when overloaded with information. Likewise, information that feels too distant from their own experience doesn’t stick. How you present information can be more important than the information…

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How To Create Structure To Ensure Success Factors

success factors

You want to take the right action at the right time, and be consistent. This is the easiest way to think of structure, and also the tip of the iceberg. The real question is “How can you do that?” You’ll find that structure to ensure success factors relies on how well you know yourself. Your…

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How To Face Rejection Without It Derailing You

how to face rejection

Failure and rejection is information, like feedback. When you get feedback, the smartest action is to reflect and choose a new path. In fact, rejection is like a GPS. With a GPS, you don’t drive back to your starting point the moment you take a wrong turn. You create a new route from where you…

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How To Boost Creativity & Productivity While Working Less

Creativity productivity

Are you making the best use of your time? Are you able to enhance your creativity and productivity while working LESS? You are accomplished at doing “all the things.” Yet, you look around to realize you’re not doing all the things you actually want. Stop distractions from guiding your life. Instead, intentionally create the best…

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How To Be An Exceptional Listener To Grow Your Consulting Firm

consulting firm

High achievers are not only skillful at what they do, they have an ability to recognize opportunity. The same idea applies in listening. In conversations, deep listening inspires you to ask engaging questions and prepares you to offer relevant value. If clients feel you are actually listening, they start to build a sense of trust…

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The Law of Receptivity: Mastering Excellence Series


Do you know your underlying beliefs about abundance? Unconscious beliefs are often the reason why there’s resistance to receiving abundance or managing sales conversations. Here’s an empowering thought: Sales isn’t something that you do to somebody. It’s something you do with people. It’s a tipping point of giving and receiving. In other words, it’s all…

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How To Sell High-Ticket Offers Through Speaking: Mastering Excellence

how to sell high ticket offers

Emotional attachments and mindset limits distract most entrepreneurs from the actions that will actually move them and their clients forward. They unintentionally micromanage the process. Instead, you can create an offer that brings in massive revenue and remains low-maintenance. Give your clients the chance to take up your high-value, high-ticket offers. Your very own Sales…

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The Key To Believing In Yourself: Mastering Excellence

the key to believing in yourself, sales maven, sales help

At any time, you can pause to ask yourself: “Where does my focus need to be in this moment?” Asking yourself this question makes you step into the present and consciously decide who you need to be. When you take ownership over your attention, you more confidently believe in your ability to make choices that…

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Creating Financial Freedom As An Entrepreneur: Mastering Excellence

financial freedom

Financial freedom can be accessible to all, and how can you take actionable steps towards ownership over your own wealth? An entrepreneurial mindset builds possibility out of what seems unconventional. You dare to have the life you want, realizing that we live in a world built from people betting on their ideas being possible. You…

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Establishing & Maintaining A Positive Reputation: Mastering Excellence

positive reputation

Are you maintaining a positive reputation? One of the most impactful lead generators is referrals. This happens both directly and indirectly. Someone could refer your business to their friend, or they could share a review on social media indirectly referring you to their timeline. Either way, that referral communicates your reputation. We all want a…

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Multiple Streams Of Income – Mastering Excellence Series

multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income doesn’t necessarily mean consistently doing more work. If you think multiple streams of income is about having several jobs, take time to reconsider. In essence, streams of income are meant to be optimized for revenue to flow to you. You want to leverage what already exists to then expand your opportunities.…

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How Specializing & Niching Your Business Makes You Referable

Niching Your Business

Being everyone to everybody can cause confusion. Your business won’t pop into someone’s mind as the “expert” or “go-to person” if you don’t communicate your specialty. The world needs to understand very concisely what you do and who you do it for. Otherwise, your value may get lost in the surplus of businesses that fail…

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Luminary Leadership – Mastering Excellence

Luminary leadership, Elizabeth Hartke

Are you sure of your True North? A True North represents the values that keep you in alignment to how you consciously choose to show up in the world. Leaders with a steady True North tend to be grounded in a holistic approach of guiding and decision making, also thought of as Luminary Leadership. Nurture…

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Finding Brand Clarity – Mastering Excellence Series

brand clarity

Brand clarity is about taking a holistic view of what your brand represents, and finding where it fits in your life. Too many times, entrepreneurs scramble to get clear on the vision driving their brand. Brand clarity is lacking. Stop the tired loop of not knowing where you’re headed, and get your brand foundation in…

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High Vibe Energy- Mastering Excellence Series

What does alignment feel like in the body? Fun, playful, and joyful high vibe energy balanced by a feeling of ease. Create a practice to notice when you’re out of alignment, and to also know how to get back into the alignment that gives a high vibe energy. Honestly reflect on what brings you joy,…

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Monetizing Your Superpower: Mastering Excellence Series


Are you monetizing your superpower in your business? You hold a service superpower, whether you’re aware of the skill or not. In fact, your unique superpower often lives in your unconscious competence. Once the skill is delivered to match client needs, a range of business opportunities open. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is…

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