Closing Sales Five Steps At A Time

Sales Maven Podcast - Closing Sales Five Steps at a Time

 Do you need help closing more sales? Listen as your host Nikki Rausch shares her tips, strategies, and techniques for closing sales and much more on this episode of the Sales Maven. Nikki is a sales strategist and coach with over twenty-five years of sales experience and is master certified in neuro-linguistic programming. She…

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The Sales Maven Podcast Is Now Live!

It’s finally happened … the Sales Maven Podcast is live! For the last few years, people have been asking about this, and today, it’s finally happened. The Sales Maven Podcast has officially launched. The purpose behind launching this podcast is to continue to deliver sales tips, techniques, and strategies to support, which will help you…

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Claim The Stage & A Well-Designed Business Podcasts

Sales gets a bad rap. Sometimes it’s deserved, but mostly it comes down to how proficient the salesperson is at making the experience easy and productive for the prospect. Therefore, the selling process is misunderstood. Today we are going to discuss some of the reasons this can be. This week, we have two special opportunities…

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Business Unveiled Podcast

Creating An Authentic & Effective Selling Process Do you consider yourself a creative? And, as a creative, do you struggle with being seen as a “salesperson” in your client interactions? Today we are going to talk about creating an authentic and effective selling process. If I had a dollar for every time an entrepreneur started…

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The Tech of Business Podcast: Product Launch Strategy

product launch strategy

Product Launch Strategy: Why You Should Have One When you put new products/services out into the marketplace, do you put a product launch strategy in place? Have you ever gathered a team together to assist you in launching something? These past few weeks I have been asked questions about how I put together the product launch…

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The Lifestyle Edit Podcast

master authentic and aligned selling

Master Authentic And Aligned Selling It was a great honor to be asked by Naomi Mdudu to be a guest on The Lifestyle Edit Podcast. In episode 72, she digs in to find out what it takes to master authentic and aligned selling. The Lifestyle Edit was created as a space to spark real, candid conversations among…

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Honoring My Sales Mentor, Russ Short

Three women with their arms around eachother

Who are the important people in your life that have shaped you? Has it been through their encouragement and guidance that you became who you are today? It’s a special gift to have a sales mentor and something not to be taken lightly. In my 20+ career as a sales professional, I have been incredibly…

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Aggressive Sales Tactics: Tone This Down When Selling

aggressive sales tactics, sales coach, sales maven, sales help

Aggressive sales tactics can be a huge turnoff. How do you respond when people present their product/service to you in a way that makes it seem as if you don’t buy from them- you’re killing yourself, damaging the environment, and/or robbing people of basic human rights? And do you even listen anymore when this is the…

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Potential Clients: Why Chasing Clients Doesn’t Work

potential clients applauding after a sales presentation

Potential Clients: Do you like to be chased? For instance, if someone right now said to you, “I’m going to chase you,” would you prepare to run? And, would it be kind of fun? Would you enjoy it? In the selling process when you’re chasing after clients, it’s usually because they are running away. When this…

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Building A Community For Your Business

sweet spot

Do you ever find yourself feeling disappointed that the important people in your life don’t take much interest in your business? Maybe when you started out you thought your friends and family would be great supporters and maybe even clients. A few months or even a few years into your business you’ve probably found that…

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Diffusing An Angry Customer By Pacing & Leading

woman diffusing an angry customer

Diffusing An Angry Customer: When’s the last time you lost your cool at a company for mistreating you as a client? Unfortunately, too often the way companies train their employees to handle angry customers is what escalates the situation vs. calming them down. A few weeks back, after multiple attempts of working with my bank…

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Ruining Your Reputation By Targeting The Wrong Clients?

my bad

Ruining Your Reputation: When’s the last time you purchased a product/service only to be disappointed in the quality of what you received? What did you do about it? Did you ask for your money back? Did you write a negative review? Or, maybe share your experience on social media? There’s nothing worse than having someone…

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Pique Interest: How To Entice Prospects

chef tasting cake mix

When’s the last time you got a taste of something so delicious you just had to have more? Or maybe you learned something so interesting you were enticed to find out more? One of the struggles I hear from clients over and over again is being unsure of how to pique the interest of prospects. Yet, when…

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The Compound Effect: Small Gestures That Reap Big Rewards

business owners gesturing that business is open

Have you read or heard about  The Compound Effect book by Darren Hardy? Years ago someone suggested I read it, and the message made so much sense that I continue to refer to the concept over and over again in my personal and professional life. Here’s how Mr. Hardy describes the concept of The Compound…

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How To Minimize Misunderstanding Communication

woman minimizing misunderstanding communication by not speaking

Is there anything more frustrating than someone misinterpreting what you’ve said and taking offense to your comments? In this day and age, it’s so easy for this to happen. We communicate so much over social media, email, and text messages that we have little chance of correcting a situation before it can get blown out of…

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Customer Sales: Are You Causing Indecision?

customer sales

When’s the last time you thought a client was ready to buy and then they didn’t? You got the dreaded response, “I’m going to wait and think about it some more.” Did you feel frustrated and maybe a little confused. Do you know what happened, what caused them to back away from the purchase? And…

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My Bad: Stop Saying This In Place Of An Apology

my bad

When’s the last time you were the customer and had a bad experience? Maybe it was at a restaurant, a local store or maybe it was with someone you hired to provide a service for you. Did you bring it to someone’s attention? And if so, how was it handled? It’s always been my opinion…

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Customer Discount: When To Offer A Discount

happy shopper after receiving a customer discount

How do you respond when someone asks you for a discount? Do you feel compelled to offer one or are you comfortable saying no? Many people struggle with what to say when asked for a discount. A little over a year ago I published an article with some specific language of what to say when…

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Avoid Attachment When Selling

avoid attachment

Avoid Attachment: When’s the last time you worked hard to earn a client’s business only to be told you didn’t get the deal? Were you disappointed, frustrated, or even ticked off? It sucks to work hard for someone and have them not understand the value of what you’re offering. Buddha has been quoted as saying,…

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Price List: Should You Include It On Your Website?

price list

Price List: When you visit a website looking for pricing, and it’s not listed, what do you do next? Do you fill out a request form asking for pricing or do you go back to Google and click on the next option in your search? At a speaking gig recently, a participant in the audience…

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The Shortcut In Sales: Does It Exist?

Have you ever noticed how many of us tend to want a shortcut in sales? It feels so good to get there sooner. Let’s be honest, if there were some pill you could take or app you could buy to accomplish a goal in a short amount of time, you’d probably pull out your credit…

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Something To Be Thankful For

Sales Maven, Gratitude, Thankful, Life Lessons

Would you agree, some of the most challenging things in life teach the greatest life lessons? It certainly has been true in my experience. One of the greatest life lessons came a result of learning one of the core principles of selling. This lesson certainly isn’t the fun part of sales and often times it’s…

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