Hosting A Summit Successfully: On-Air Coaching

hosting a summit, sales maven, sales coach, business success, business growth

Placing an offer on your site is passive promotion. Potential clients won’t be able to engage with your offers if they don’t know the offers exist, including the people who never make it to your site. Proactive promotions, such as hosting a summit, allow potential clients to discover your offers directly. Your very own Sales…

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How To Establish Value In A Sales Call – On-Air Coaching

establish value, sales maven, sales coach

Our brains love stories. Sharing stories allows people to relate to an experience. It’s how people feel understood or live out a scenario that helps them understand. In sales, potential clients can imagine how they’ll achieve their goals and overcome hurdles through stories about other clients in a similar situation. And it’s how you can…

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How To Make More Money With Less Clients

make more money, client list, sales coach, sales maven, sales podcast

What is the best way to make more money without needing more clients? Well first, it helps to not assume that current clients know all the different ways they can work with you. If you understand a client’s journey, you can offer services and products that naturally align to where they’re headed and make more…

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How To Find Your Niche In Business

find your niche, sales maven, sales coach, sales strategy

Have you ever had a client you absolutely loved working with? Working with them simply flowed, and you were able to create a significant impact in their work. If you can pinpoint what you loved about working with them, you can develop a strategy to niche down and attract more of those clients. Your very…

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Selling At A Live Event: On-Air Coaching

live event

As an entrepreneur, you’ll come across potential clients who want to take action at that moment. For example, imagine you present to an audience at a live event and potential clients are ready to pay for your value. It’d be a wasted opportunity to not have a plan or offer available. Keep your sales conversations…

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Selling Pain Points Isn’t The Only Way To Expand Your Ideal Client Base

pain point

Understanding pain points and exploiting pain points are two different perspectives. Your expertise allows you to notice the interference and limiting patterns that disrupt people from being authentic, and then helps them to uncover and access the solution within themselves. Marketing to your ideal clients can happen without giving them “little paper cuts” as Nikki…

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Generate Leads With A Podcast: On-Air Coaching Call

generate leads

Podcasts, blogs, and social media are part of the education stage for introducing your expertise to new leads. When your ideal leads connect with your work, they’ll naturally look for ways to get access to the more insightful, deeper value you give in your more robust offers. You can generate leads with a podcast that…

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How To Successfully Start A Consultation Call: On-Air Coaching Call

consultation call

Guide prospective clients through a consultation call with language and parameters to increase your close rate for your business. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value…

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