How To Get Questions Answered

Woman raising her hand to get her questions answered

Do you ever wonder what’s the best way to get questions answered? Maybe you’re asking questions of your followers, clients, etc. and not receiving a response back. Is there anything worse than asking questions and only hearing dead air in return? There’s a reason you’re hearing dead air in return. Watch this week’s tip to…

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How To Price A Product Or Service

Business woman deciding how to price a product or service

When deciding how to price a product or service, it’s all about confidence. You know that old saying, “It’s not what she said, it’s how she said it.”  How many times have you gotten yourself into a sticky situation by the “how” you said something? A frequent topic clients want to discuss is what they…

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How To Effectively Deliver New Information To A Prospect

Delivering Information, Delivering a proposal, sales training, sales tip, savvy sale tip

Do you ever wish it was easier to share information with a prospect when they think they already know everything you’re going to say? Maybe they’ve seen or heard about your product/service and have already started to form an opinion.  Yet, after asking a few questions, you find out there is much they don’t yet…

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“What Do You Do?”: How To Be Interesting & Relevant

what do you do, sales maven, sales help, sales tips

When meeting someone for the first time, do you ever struggle with what to say when you get asked the question, “What do you do?” For those that sometimes stumble answering this question- “what do you do?”, I have a simple strategy for you. I learned this about ten years ago, and it has helped…

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“Does That Make Sense?”- A Nicer Way To Ask

does that make sense

How often do people ask you this question, “Does that make sense?” How often do you ask people, “Does that make sense?” I admit this comes out of my mouth way more often than I would like. You might be wondering why I would suggest another way to phrase this question. Here’s why you want to avoid saying “does…

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