Pushy Sales: Do You Come Across As Demanding?

pushy sales, sales maven, sales tips, sales help

Would prospects/clients and colleagues describe you as demanding? And, how would you feel if they did? Pushy sales/ demanding salesmen are a good way to lose a client. When people are defined as demanding, it usually means they are especially hard to satisfy according to www.vocabulary.com. With that description in mind, is that how you…

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Finding Courage To Ask In Sales

finding courage

When’s the last time you held yourself back from asking for what you wanted because fear got in the way? Were you able to push through it? Did you ever end up asking or did you give up on your own desires? Are you having trouble finding courage to ask? These last few months I’ve…

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Email List: When & How To Make Email Offers

email list

Are you actively focused on growing your list of email subscribers? Do you know what the biggest source of leads has been to grow your subscriber list? More importantly, how engaged are the people on your list? Growing and nurturing an email list is an important aspect to a thriving business for most entrepreneurs. It’s…

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Recognition: How To Make Your Shoutouts Count


How often do you take the opportunity to recognize a business/entrepreneur who you appreciate? Maybe you do this on social media or maybe you do it when in conversation with another person. Are you using these opportunities to establish your own credibility at the same time? Recognition is huge in sales! Recognition is something most…

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Difficult Happens Podcast: How To Build Rapport

build rapport

What You Need to Know to Build Rapport It’s important to understand how to build rapport as well as how to maintain it. So, are you coming across to others the way you think or is there something else happening? Learning about how other communication styles interpret meaning may be the difference between making the…

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Steller Life Podcast

selling made simple

Soulful Selling Made Simple Many people misunderstand what it means to “sell”. When you have a limiting belief around selling, you struggle to grow your business. And even more important, you miss out on working with people whose lives will improve as a result of what you offer. Read on to learn about selling made…

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She Thinks Big Podcast

she thinks big

She Thinks Big Podcast: The Structure Of Sales Conversations People struggle so much more than they should on how to have effective sales conversations. This struggle often arises when you don’t know where you are in the process. Getting clear on the structure is absolutely imperative to up-leveling your sales. Today we will be discussing the…

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When To Kick ‘Em To The Curb

kick em to the curb, sales maven, sales help, sales coach

When’s the last time you wanted to fire someone in your life? Maybe it was a client, a friend or even an employee. Having to release people from your life can be hard for everyone involved. However, there are certain people that will take advantage and you’ve just got to kick em to the curb.…

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How To Be Confident In Your Sales Offer

How confident are you in your product/service offerings? Do you ever wonder if you should add, change or delete anything from your offerings? When’s the last time you took a hard look at what you’re offering clients? How about having someone else review your offerings, have you done that lately? Sales confidence is hard to…

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Owe vs. Show – Confusing The Two Hurts Business

rapport, protecting, sales skills, selling, sales coach

“Owe” vs. “show” – two very different words when applied to the selling process. People who are confusing the two may very well be hurting their business as well as their reputation. How would you describe the two in the context of selling? Recently I wrote an article titled “Whose Responsibility Is It?” which stirred…

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Whose Responsibility Is It To Make A Clear Offer?

whose responsibility is it

Have you ever been in the position where you didn’t understand what was being offered and the seller reacted in a negative way towards you? So whose responsibility is it to make an offer clear? You might be able to make a case for both the seller and for the buyer depending on what position you…

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Closing Bigger Deals – Things To Consider

closing bigger deals, sales help, sales maven, sales coach

Are you ready to start closing bigger deals? Have you, up until now, sold one product/service per customer? No, this is not one of those cheesy “buy now” articles so you can make $100,000 in the next 5 hours and buy your dream house on the beach. I don’t use that type of language anywhere in…

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Should You Offer To Pay For Referrals?

Have you ever wondered if you should and how much you might pay someone who gives you a referral? Do you already have some type of referral program in place in your business? If so, how’s it working for you? This is a question that has come up multiple times from clients recently. Let’s face…

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How To Keep From Losing A Client

losing a client

Have you ever wondered how to keep from losing a client who says they can no longer afford you? Chances are they would very much like to continue to work with you but something in their finances has changed. Now, they’re looking for ways to cut expenses and you’re on the chopping block. In this…

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How To Make People Buy: Do You Possess The Skill?

How to make people buy

Do you possess the skill of how to make people buy? In case you answered “no” to this question, do you wish you possessed the skill of how to make people buy? What would you be willing to do or pay for such skill? The idea that in the selling process you can “make” people…

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Sales Tactics Like This Are No Longer Cute

sales tactics

Would you agree, at some point, certain behaviors you had as a kid are no longer cute when you become an adult? Are there things you did as a kid that you’d never dream of doing now? Do you already have one or two things in mind? How do these apply to your sales tactics? Maybe…

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Is It Lack Of Interest Or Is It Your Sales Approach?

sales approach

Do you know how you’re perceived by others? When’s the last time you spent time and money promoting a product/service and nobody bought from you? Did you blame the lack of interest on the product/service? Did you ever wonder if it was your overall sales approach?  Lack of Interest Or A Bad Sales Approach A…

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Are You Risking Your Reputation?


Are you risking your reputation when you recommend someone? Do people hold you personally accountable if they don’t have a good experience with the person you recommend? Does the possibility of ruining your reputation factor into your decision before you recommend people? Years ago, a guy, who had worked at the same company as I…

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Trading Services: How To Respond When Asked To

Two women trade services with a handshake

Do you ever struggle with how to respond when asked about trading services? Is trading services a normal business practice for you? Many people absolutely refuse to trade services. They even feel offended when people ask. Whereas others find it to be beneficial for their business and are happy to do it. Regardless of your…

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Stop Wasting Giveaways On The “Well-Connected”


When’s the last time you gave away product/services to a “well-connected” person in hopes they’d refer people to you? How did it work out?  Have they sent a ton of business your way? Read on about why “well connected” giveaways might not be best for your business. Chances are, the well-connected person hasn’t even sent…

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When Being Right Is Oh, So Wrong

being right

How much do you enjoy being right? Does being right bring you a huge sense of satisfaction? Do you know when being right is actually wrong?  When being right costs you clients, it’s wrong. To be completely transparent, I LOVE to be right. Being right brings me a huge sense of satisfaction. If you were…

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Condescending Clients: How To Handle Them

Condescending clients sitting on a throne

Do you ever wish you had a strategy on how to handle condescending clients? Every once in a while when selling, you’re bound to come across condescending clients who don’t treat you with much respect. When you run your own business you may decide to fire these types of clients. However, there are times when…

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3 Ways To Say No & Mean It

ways to say no

Do you find it difficult to tell someone no? Have you ever told someone no and had them become aggressive or push back because they want you to buy their product/service? Finding ways to say no and mean it can be difficult. Telling people no can be uncomfortable. Many times people will say things they…

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Using High Tech & High Touch To Create A Winning Combo

high tech sales maven

When high tech and high touch are used effectively, you’re able to create a winning combo in the sales process. However, most people replace high touch with high tech instead of incorporating the two. This approach is likely costing them business. Are you losing customers due to your high tech approach? When technology is used…

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How To Ask For A Review Or Testimonial

How to ask for a review, sales maven, sales coach, sales strategies

Reviews & testimonials – do you feel confident in how and when to ask for them? It can be a crucial part of business building so being prepared with when and how to ask for a review is beneficial. Asking for reviews and testimonials sits high on the list of things many of my clients…

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Pricing Lists: List It Or Lose It – The Pricing Conundrum

Listing Pricing, Website, Selling Techniques, Pricing

Do you struggle with whether or not to include pricing lists on your website? Maybe you’ve been advised by experts to not list your pricing. However, how many people are calling you after visiting your website to inquire about your pricing? My guess is very few, if any, at all. Last week I hosted a…

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Following Up vs. Chasing Clients – The Difference

following up

Do you know the difference between following up vs. chasing clients? For those who answered, “Not sure,” you’re not alone. This is one of the questions frequently asked when talking about sales. People struggle with when and how many times they should be following up with prospects and clients. About a year ago I published an…

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Successful Selling At Vendor Events

Trade Shows, Vendor Events, Selling, Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven

How successful are you selling at vendor events? (This is an excerpt from an article published in the Business Among Moms Holiday Guide 2017 and posted on the BAM Blog, the full article can be read here) Do you show up to your event with a selling strategy in place? Investing time and money into…

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Effective Networking: 5 Tips For Success

sweet spot

Networking when done effectively is an excellent way to grow your business. It’s economical (in most cases) and allows you to build strong client relationships. Here are five tips you can immediately implement into your next networking event to help effective networking. Effective Networking Tip 1: Have a plan before you walk into the event. Take…

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Earning Business Even When They’re Already Buying Elsewhere

Woman earning business at her shop

Do you ever struggle with earning someone’s business because they’re already buying elsewhere? It’s unrealistic to think you won’t face competition in your industry. And even though there’s plenty of “fish in the sea,” sometimes our ideal client is buying from our competitor. It’s in these instances where you’ll need a strategy to attract your…

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Bringing Intensity To Relationship Selling

Woman exhibiting relationship selling over a cup of coffee

When’s the last time you wondered if you should bring more intensity into your selling process? Maybe you suspect that your sales would increase if you were more aggressive. Yet bringing intensity may not be your style and therefore is too far outside of your comfort zone to be effective for you. Maybe you should…

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How To Gracefully Tell Someone To Get To The Point!

to get to the point

When’s the last time you wanted to shout at someone to “GET TO THE POINT”? We’ve all found ourselves on the receiving end of someone’s long drawn-out explanation or story. Maybe in these situations, you’re able to maintain your friendly and interested composure. Yet, your internal dialogue doesn’t quite match. There’s a whole other conversation…

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Why Your Ideal Client Isn’t Buying From You

ideal client, sales maven, sales help, sales tips, sales strategy

When’s the last time you were frustrated because your ideal client wasn’t buying from you? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time and money mapping out who they are. Yet, that type of client still isn’t showing up and buying. There’s a simple, yet crucial step many people miss when identifying their ideal client. This…

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Introductions And Saying Your Name

rapport, introductions, communication skills, selling

When making introductions, do you say your name? For those who had an immediate “Yes, of course, response,” are you sure? When someone you know introduces you, do you say your name to the person you’re being introduced too? It’s shocking how often people don’t tell you their name. It’s common for people to introduce…

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There’s No Shame In This Game

Selling, Nikki Rausch, Sales Tip, Communication, Opt-in Offers, Shame

Shame – it’s one of those emotions that can paralyze people into inaction. When’s the last time you felt shame in your business? Was it when you were asking for the sale? Maybe it was when someone was telling you how much they need your product/service but couldn’t afford your “high” prices. Shame is one…

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How To Use A Microphone For The Best First Impression

how to use a microphone sales maven

How do you feel about speaking into a microphone? Is having your voice amplified fun for you, or do you shy away from a microphone? How important is it that you make a positive first impression when meeting people for the first time? Would you be surprised to learn that it only takes 1/10 of a second…

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Too Much Education: Are You “Educating” Clients Out Of Buying?

too much education

When’s the last time you caught yourself saying, “I’m not a salesperson. I just want to educate people.” Could giving too much of an education of your product or service actually be hindering your business? People say this when they hear I’m a sales trainer/coach, “I’m not a salesperson, I prefer to educate people.” Most people…

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What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

Woman thinking about what to say

When’s the last time you struggled with how to respond to something someone said to you? Did you spend hours, days or maybe even weeks thinking of all the things you “could have” or “should have” said after the fact? How often have you wished for the superpower of being able to say the perfect…

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Is Your Scheduling Software For Appointments Turning Clients Off?

scheduling software for appointments messaging sales maven

Is your scheduling software for appointments turning clients off? Do you have scheduling software for appointments? When’s the last time you read through the message attached to your scheduling link? There are so many reasons to use a scheduling program and it can easily turn people off when not positioned properly. Two years ago I wrote an article…

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When Resolving Client Issues, Don’t Say This

woman in business signaling don't say this

Resolving Client Issues: When you pay money for a product/service and something goes wrong, what do you most want to happen next? Do you want a resolution from the company/individual? Do you want swift action taken? Maybe you want an apology.  Or do you prefer to “hope” the right thing is done by you? Most…

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Are You The Exception To The Rule?

When’s the last time you convinced yourself that you are the exception to the rule? And more importantly, when you think of yourself as the exception, is it a positive in your life/business, or is it a negative? It’s almost amusing at this point how many times people explain to me why they are the…

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Price Setting: 2 Tips For Successful Pricing

Business owner price setting in her clothing shop

Price Setting: When’s the last time you wondered if you should raise your price? Maybe you charge by the hour and find this to be a difficult way to make money long term. A common discussion with my clients revolves around pricing; how it was set, is it enough, and when to raise their prices.…

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Business Favors: Is It Really A Favor?

Business Favors: When someone tells you after the fact that they did you a favor how do you generally respond? Most likely you’re grateful. However, what if the person acts a little put out by doing you a favor even if you didn’t ask or expect the favor in the first place? Do you start to…

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Language Patterns: What You Don’t Know

language patterns

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who acted “as if” they already knew your opinion on a subject matter? Do you find being in a conversation with someone who constantly tells you what you know and how you feel annoying? Most of us would probably say, “Heck ya, people like that are annoying.” Language…

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Clear The Field: What It Means In Sales

clear the field

Do you ever get fed up with people who act as if they might buy from you and then never do? Not only is it mildly annoying, but it is wasting your valuable time. This is time you could be spending on potential clients that are actually interested in your product or service.  It may be…

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Do You Reek Of Desperation?

Reek Of Desperation

What might an observer say when asked how committed you are to growing your business? Would the observer be impressed with your level of commitment or would you reek of desperation? What about your dedication to expanding your skillset? And last, what observations would they make about your willingness to invest in your personal and…

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Being Salesy Or Creating Curiosity: What’s The Difference?

being salesy

How good are you at creating curiosity? And do you ever worry about coming off as salesy when sharing about your business? It’s a fine line – the difference between creating curiosity and sounding salesy. Be sure you understand the difference. Creating curiosity attracts people to you. Once they express interest, it’s your job to earn their…

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Are You Maximizing Business Referrals?

business referrals

Do you ever wonder if you’re maximizing your business referrals?  When’s the last time someone sent you a referral? And how long did it take you to follow up with the referral? Check out this week’s tip on how to maximize referrals in your business. You may be diminishing your chances of getting another referral…

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Aggressive Sales Tactics: Tone This Down When Selling

aggressive sales tactics, sales coach, sales maven, sales help

Aggressive sales tactics can be a huge turnoff. How do you respond when people present their product/service to you in a way that makes it seem as if you don’t buy from them- you’re killing yourself, damaging the environment, and/or robbing people of basic human rights? And do you even listen anymore when this is the…

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Words That Motivate and Influence

Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, Sales Tip

Do you have words that motivate and influence you? Trigger words? Words that when you hear them pique your interest. Or, maybe even stop you in your tracks because you’ve got to know more? Most of us have a few trigger words. Of course one of the biggest challenges is knowing what are the “right”…

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Success Leaves Clues: Here’s How

success leaves clues

Success Leaves Clues. When’s the last time you thought about what success means to you? Is this something you focus on regularly? Years ago when learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) we learned that success leaves clues. Learning how to pay exquisite attention to the people who are having success in certain areas of their life/business will give…

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Phrases To Avoid When Telling Stories

phrases to avoid

Phrases to Avoid When Telling Stories: How often do you tell stories in your business? For many people, storytelling is a key skill in the art of effective selling. Learning how and when to tell stories has been instrumental in my success over the years. It’s a skill that I now encourage and work on with…

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Client Retention Strategies: Clients You Should Focus On

client retention strategies sales maven

Client Retention Strategies: When’s the last time you stumbled upon a sign that made you pause and ponder about a deeper meaning? Maybe the sign was meant to be funny, or maybe it was meant to help you find your way somewhere, and yet it made you think about how else the message applied to…

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How To Price A Product Or Service

Business woman deciding how to price a product or service

When deciding how to price a product or service, it’s all about confidence. You know that old saying, “It’s not what she said, it’s how she said it.”  How many times have you gotten yourself into a sticky situation by the “how” you said something? A frequent topic clients want to discuss is what they…

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Potential Clients: Why Chasing Clients Doesn’t Work

potential clients applauding after a sales presentation

Potential Clients: Do you like to be chased? For instance, if someone right now said to you, “I’m going to chase you,” would you prepare to run? And, would it be kind of fun? Would you enjoy it? In the selling process when you’re chasing after clients, it’s usually because they are running away. When this…

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The Invite: Are You Missing A Step?

business man issuing invitation

As a kid, did you ever try to jump up as many steps as you could at one time? Were you able to jump up 2 or even 3 steps? Maybe you got a group of friends together and you all tried to out-do the person before you. How successful were you? What would happen if…

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Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish When Accepting Payment

Sales Maven Blog, Nikki Rausch, Sales Tips, Client Relationships

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you fully intended to buy something only to find you didn’t have enough cash and the store didn’t accept credit cards? Maybe you left the store thinking you’d come back in the next day or so to make the purchase. A month or so later, you…

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Unconsciously Incompetent: Identifying An Ideal Client

unconsciously incompetent

Have you ever had a day when you felt like banging your head on your desk if another client asked you this dreaded question, “Why do you need to know that?” How many times have you needed information from your client to deliver on their expectations and they acted put out by your request? Does…

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Little Missed Opportunities Adding Up To Hefty Losses

Sales Maven, Sales Tip, Sales Maven Blog

Missed Opportunities: When’s the last time you stopped and evaluated the materials you’re putting out in the world to build your business? For those of you like me, you complete something, and then you move on to the next thing. You might rarely evaluate your brochures, your business cards, your photos, etc. They become background…

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Pique Interest: How To Entice Prospects

chef tasting cake mix

When’s the last time you got a taste of something so delicious you just had to have more? Or maybe you learned something so interesting you were enticed to find out more? One of the struggles I hear from clients over and over again is being unsure of how to pique the interest of prospects. Yet, when…

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How To Minimize Misunderstanding Communication

woman minimizing misunderstanding communication by not speaking

Is there anything more frustrating than someone misinterpreting what you’ve said and taking offense to your comments? In this day and age, it’s so easy for this to happen. We communicate so much over social media, email, and text messages that we have little chance of correcting a situation before it can get blown out of…

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A Big Mistake In Your Speech Pattern

a big mistake

When you think about what you offer to your clients, do you consider yourself different from your competitors? Chances are your experience, your style and/or your approach makes you stand out from the crowd. How do you talk about your uniqueness? Do you end up having to explain yourself multiple times because people don’t get it…

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Customer Sales: Are You Causing Indecision?

customer sales

When’s the last time you thought a client was ready to buy and then they didn’t? You got the dreaded response, “I’m going to wait and think about it some more.” Did you feel frustrated and maybe a little confused. Do you know what happened, what caused them to back away from the purchase? And…

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My Bad: Stop Saying This In Place Of An Apology

my bad

When’s the last time you were the customer and had a bad experience? Maybe it was at a restaurant, a local store or maybe it was with someone you hired to provide a service for you. Did you bring it to someone’s attention? And if so, how was it handled? It’s always been my opinion…

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Avoid Attachment When Selling

avoid attachment

Avoid Attachment: When’s the last time you worked hard to earn a client’s business only to be told you didn’t get the deal? Were you disappointed, frustrated, or even ticked off? It sucks to work hard for someone and have them not understand the value of what you’re offering. Buddha has been quoted as saying,…

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Sales Snob: Are You Inadvertently Talking Down To Clients?

sales snob sales maven

Are you being a sales snob? Is there anything worse than someone who wants to sell you something coming off as condescending or a sales snob? Let’s face it; nobody appreciates being talked down to. It’s a huge rapport breaker. And, if you’re anything like me, people who come off as condescending have zero chance of…

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Why Handing Out Sales Literature Doesn’t Work

Sales Literature: When’s the last time you were walking somewhere, and someone forced a piece of paper into your hand? Did you gladly accept it, take it and throw it away the first chance you got? Or, did you refuse to take it? For those who’ve been to Vegas and walked down the strip you…

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How To Create Curiosity About Your Business

create curiosity

Have you ever noticed the difference between how you call a dog vs. how you call a cat? Many times when people call dogs, there is excitement in their tone and an almost frantic pitch to their voice, “Come here boy, come here boy…” When calling a cat, we tend to take a different approach.…

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Follow Up: Never Dread Following Up Again

Follow up

How good are you at a follow up with prospects? When you meet someone and take their business card, do you immediately reach out to them once you’re back at your office? Or are you like the rest of us and the business card goes into a pile on your desk of people you’re “going…

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How To End A Conversation Gracefully

business woman exiting a conversation gracefully

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation and you’re not quite sure how to end the conversation gracefully? Maybe you attended a networking meeting recently, and although you enjoyed the conversation, you knew it was time to move on, yet stayed because you didn’t know how to bring it to a close. This week,…

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Are You Asking For What You Want?

asking for what you want

When’s the last time someone asked you a question that made you stop what you were doing and really think about your answer? You know one of those big questions that you could easily give a standard response to but instead you decided to dig deep within yourself and answer from a truly authentic place.…

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Be Flexible: Don’t Be Overly Committed

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, “Why do they keep making the same mistake over and over?” “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.” -Albert Einstein Maybe there’s been a time in your life where you realized you fell into the above category…

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Client Relationships: How To Build Them Long Term

Client relationships

When you’re in the position of being a client/customer, do you enjoy being thanked for your business? Is it important to you? Let’s face it; you can have the best product/service in the world and it doesn’t really matter unless you have clients. And since we know people buy from people they know, like and trust, building…

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How To Win Over Skeptical Clients


When you read or hear about a new program that is promising never before seen results, are you skeptical? “Make Six Figures in Six Weeks” or “Lose 50 lbs. in 5 days” – Many of us know when it sounds too good to be true, it’s usually too good to be true. The result of…

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Don’t Be A Conversation Interrupter


Don’t Be A Conversation Interrupter   Are you a conversation interrupter? Do you enjoy being in conversations where you get a sense that the other person has a hidden agenda? When this happens, do you keep your guard up? Maybe you’ve been in a conversation before where you thought it was going well, and then the…

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How To Find Your Sweet Spot When Selling

sweet spot

Have you ever noticed when you’re learning to do something new, you have to concentrate hard with little to no distractions in order to do it right? And then as time goes by and you practice a few times, it requires less concentration. Eventually, you can do it without having to really think about it.…

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What Are Clients Saying Behind Your Back?

Business Reputation, Positive Impression, Rapport, Savvy Sales Tip

Have you ever wondered what people say about you and your business when you’re not around? Of course, we all want our happy clients out there singing our praise. But, is that happening? And if not, why not? Not too long ago someone (let’s call this person Chris) who I’ve admired in business was all…

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Do This First – The Sales Will Come

Sales Maven, Sales Tip, Sales Maven Blog

Have you ever met someone and instantly thought to yourself, this person is only interested in selling me something? If you’re like me, that is an instant turn off, and usually, I want to get out of that conversation as fast as possible. Too many people are approaching sales as if the only thing that…

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Build Credibility Quickly When Networking

Rapport, Honest Sales people, savvy selling

Do you love to network? Do you look forward to attending networking events? I asked these same questions while presenting to a networking group recently and not one person raised their hand. The next question was, “How many of you network because you see the value of building your community and it’s where at least…

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Build Credibility Quickly When Networking

Rapport, Honest Sales people, savvy selling

Do you love to network? Do you look forward to attending networking events? I asked these same questions while presenting to a networking group recently and not one person raised their hand. The next question was, “How many of you network because you see the value of building your community and it’s where at least…

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What To Say To People Who Only Talk About Themselves

people who only talk about themselves, networking, sales tips, rapport

When’s the last time you attended a networking event? If you’re like me, you regularly network as a means to build your community and grow your business. At said networking events, have you ever encountered the person who’s only interested in talking “at” you about their business? The person doesn’t seem the least bit interested in…

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Responding to Criticism

business woman responding to criticism

Have you received any criticism lately? When you receive criticism do you go into fight or flight mode (the instinctive physiological response where you either ready yourself to resist forcibly or you run away)?  Which one is more common for you – fight or flight? When criticism comes from a client, responding with either a…

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The Silent Credibility Killer

credibility, sales questions, pricing questions, charging clients, talking money with customers

It’s been said time and time again, people buy from people they know, like and trust. In order to build trust with clients, you need to be credible. Do you give your hard earned money to someone you don’t believe in, don’t trust, or question if they know what they’re talking about? When you ask…

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Answers Clients Understand

Association, NLP, Connections,

Do you like when things make sense? When you hear something or learn something for the first time, have you ever noticed you often recall a  similar experience from your past to help you make sense of it all? This is known as association. According to the Encyclopedia of NLP, “Association refers to the natural…

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The Heart Of Your Business

Sales is the heart of your business, sales feeds business, ROI,

Much like the heart’s job is to pump the life blood throughout your body, sales is what pumps revenue into every area of your business. If some part of you is saying to yourself right now, “I don’t sell anything in my business. I’m a counselor, a coach, a florist, a designer, an accountant, etc.”…

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Slow Down When Presenting

slow down, presenting, speaking tips

Have you ever found yourself in the audience with a speaker teaching you something and talking so fast, you end up shutting down and giving up on trying to learn what they’re teaching because they won’t slow down? Maybe, you initially tried to stay engaged and then found yourself frustrated, feeling as if you needed…

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Over Promise & Under Deliver

over promise

When’s the last time you committed to something for a client and because life got in the way, you ended up dropping the ball? Did it negatively impact your relationship with your client? Did you have to go back and apologize or did you just not bring it up the next time you interacted with…

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Technology In Business Isn’t Always The Answer

Have you ever felt like a business was so in love with their cool new technology they forgot to connect with you as a customer? A new trend that comes to mind is the restaurants where you walk up and place your order on an iPad and pay without having to talk to the person…

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Phrases That Repel Clients

Client Retention, New Clients, Customer Acquisition, Savvy Selling

Do you ever get tired of people telling you what you “should” do or what you “must” try? It’s become a popular tactic on social media, and if you’re anything like me, it’s off-putting and repelling. I worked with a client recently who didn’t understand why people stopped interacting with her on Facebook. When we…

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A Picture Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Sales Tools, Savvy Selling, Rapport Building, Selling

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” Here’s a new one for you, “A picture is worth thousands of dollars.” Or at least it has been in my business, and there’s a good chance it can be in yours as well. Do you already have a professional picture of yourself depicting the…

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