Referrals In Sales & Why You’re Losing This Business

referrals in sales and why you're losing this business

Referrals are magical. Your offers get built-in credibility, legitimacy, and authority based on the person advocating for your services. Next to repeat business, referrals in sales are some of the easiest business to earn, so why do most entrepreneurs drop the ball?  Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques,…

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Establishing & Maintaining A Positive Reputation: Mastering Excellence

positive reputation

Are you maintaining a positive reputation? One of the most impactful lead generators is referrals. This happens both directly and indirectly. Someone could refer your business to their friend, or they could share a review on social media indirectly referring you to their timeline. Either way, that referral communicates your reputation. We all want a…

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Slow Down, We Just Met: Earn Opportunities

earn opportunities, sales help, sales maven,

Have you ever had someone you just met be overly familiar with you? Did you enjoy it or did it make you a little weary? Did you wish they would just slow down? Imagine meeting someone for the first time and within five minutes they’ve asked you if they can move into your house, form…

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Should You Offer To Pay For Referrals?

pay for referrals

Have you ever wondered if you should and how much you might pay someone who gives you a referral? Do you already have some type of referral program in place in your business? If so, how’s it working for you? This is a question that has come up multiple times from clients recently. Let’s face…

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Stop Wasting Giveaways On The “Well-Connected”


When’s the last time you gave away product/services to a “well-connected” person in hopes they’d refer people to you? How did it work out?  Have they sent a ton of business your way? Read on about why “well connected” giveaways might not be best for your business. Chances are, the well-connected person hasn’t even sent…

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Are You Maximizing Business Referrals?

business referrals

Do you ever wonder if you’re maximizing your business referrals?  When’s the last time someone sent you a referral? And how long did it take you to follow up with the referral? Check out this week’s tip on how to maximize referrals in your business. You may be diminishing your chances of getting another referral…

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The Neglected Gift In Sales & How To Overcome It

gift sales

Which do you prefer, receiving a thoughtful gift or giving a gift that someone will cherish for years to come? Maybe in the last few months, you’ve done a favor for someone that to you seemed insignificant. Yet, to the person on the receiving end, it felt like an enormous gift that made a huge difference…

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Business Building: 1 More Reason To Charge For Your Services

business building

Of course, there’s the most obvious reason we charge for our services; if we gave everything away for free, we’d go out of business. Free services are not great for business building Here’s one more reason not to give away your services for free when you’re business building; there’s little to no value in the…

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