The Difference Between Soliciting & Relationship Selling

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There seems to be some confusion in the difference between soliciting and building relationships that attract prospective clients while making it easy for them to buy from you. Have you ever noticed the difference between the main factor that makes these two approaches different?  Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer…

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Stories In Small Business Podcast

stories in business

Stories in business can create relationships. When’s the last time you shared your story? The story of you and how your business came to be is something many people will benefit from hearing. It was an honor to asked by the brilliant Abby Herman of Stories In Small Business podcast to be a guest and…

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Pushy Sales: Do You Come Across As Demanding?

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Would prospects/clients and colleagues describe you as demanding? And, how would you feel if they did? Pushy sales/ demanding salesmen are a good way to lose a client. When people are defined as demanding, it usually means they are especially hard to satisfy according to With that description in mind, is that how you…

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Gift Biz Unwrapped Podcast

Confidence In Sales

Confidence In Sales: Take the Scary Out What part (if any) of the selling process feels scary, uncomfortable, or just plain confusing? What will happen in your business when you start to feel more confident in the selling process? Tune in to learn how to build your confidence in sales by taking the scary stuff…

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Stop The Sales Funnel: No Funnels Here

stop using sales funnels - Sales Maven Tip

Have you ever heard of the sales funnel? The concept of filling a sales funnel is something many sales professionals have had hammered into us by our bosses for years. They love to tell people, “You’ve got to fill your sales funnel.” However, the concept—and what it takes to fill a sales funnel—is more about…

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Difficult Happens Podcast: How To Build Rapport

build rapport

What You Need to Know to Build Rapport It’s important to understand how to build rapport as well as how to maintain it. So, are you coming across to others the way you think or is there something else happening? Learning about how other communication styles interpret meaning may be the difference between making the…

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Steller Life Podcast

selling made simple

Soulful Selling Made Simple Many people misunderstand what it means to “sell”. When you have a limiting belief around selling, you struggle to grow your business. And even more important, you miss out on working with people whose lives will improve as a result of what you offer. Read on to learn about selling made…

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Bringing Intensity To Relationship Selling

Woman exhibiting relationship selling over a cup of coffee

When’s the last time you wondered if you should bring more intensity into your selling process? Maybe you suspect that your sales would increase if you were more aggressive. Yet bringing intensity may not be your style and therefore is too far outside of your comfort zone to be effective for you. Maybe you should…

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Celebrate Your Wins: Are You?

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It is so important to celebrate your wins. So, are you celebrating your wins? When’s the last time you really slowed down enough to take it all that you’ve accomplished? As a busy professional, we sometimes forget to acknowledge our successes. This week, consider answering the question posed in the video.  You might be surprised…

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Too Much Education: Are You “Educating” Clients Out Of Buying?

too much education

When’s the last time you caught yourself saying, “I’m not a salesperson. I just want to educate people.” Could giving too much of an education of your product or service actually be hindering your business? People say this when they hear I’m a sales trainer/coach, “I’m not a salesperson, I prefer to educate people.” Most people…

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Client Retention Strategies: Clients You Should Focus On

client retention strategies sales maven

Client Retention Strategies: When’s the last time you stumbled upon a sign that made you pause and ponder about a deeper meaning? Maybe the sign was meant to be funny, or maybe it was meant to help you find your way somewhere, and yet it made you think about how else the message applied to…

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Sales Snob: Are You Inadvertently Talking Down To Clients?

sales snob sales maven

Are you being a sales snob? Is there anything worse than someone who wants to sell you something coming off as condescending or a sales snob? Let’s face it; nobody appreciates being talked down to. It’s a huge rapport breaker. And, if you’re anything like me, people who come off as condescending have zero chance of…

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Follow Up: Never Dread Following Up Again

Follow up

How good are you at a follow up with prospects? When you meet someone and take their business card, do you immediately reach out to them once you’re back at your office? Or are you like the rest of us and the business card goes into a pile on your desk of people you’re “going…

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How To End A Conversation Gracefully

business woman exiting a conversation gracefully

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation and you’re not quite sure how to end the conversation gracefully? Maybe you attended a networking meeting recently, and although you enjoyed the conversation, you knew it was time to move on, yet stayed because you didn’t know how to bring it to a close. This week,…

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How To Win Over Skeptical Clients


When you read or hear about a new program that is promising never before seen results, are you skeptical? “Make Six Figures in Six Weeks” or “Lose 50 lbs. in 5 days” – Many of us know when it sounds too good to be true, it’s usually too good to be true. The result of…

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How To Say “No” To Pushy People

how to say no to, sales maven, sales help, sales coach

How good are you at saying no? Most of us struggle with telling people no because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or have them think negatively about us. How do you say no to pushy people? A few days ago a good friend called wanting some help with a situation.  She said, “I…

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Stop Bait And Switch Selling

bait and switch

A sure fire way to ruin a relationship is by misleading someone. Whether you fib to your partner, your boss, your best friend or to your client, the relationship will suffer. It may even be damaged beyond repair. Misleading clients in marketing and sales is known as bait and switch. Many times bait and switch…

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Technology In Business Isn’t Always The Answer

Have you ever felt like a business was so in love with their cool new technology they forgot to connect with you as a customer? A new trend that comes to mind is the restaurants where you walk up and place your order on an iPad and pay without having to talk to the person…

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Not interested. Or could it be something else?

not interested

Have you ever had a client who’s expressed interest in your product/service, and then they drop off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again as if they’re not interested? Do you assume they’re not interested? How many times do you follow up before you make the decision to move on? Recently…

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