Are You Risking Your Reputation?

Are you risking your reputation when you recommend someone? Do people hold you personally accountable if they don’t have a good experience with the person you recommend? Does this factor into your decision before you recommend people? Years ago, a guy, who had worked at the same company as I did previously, asked for an…

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Are You Maximizing Business Referrals?

Do you ever wonder if you’re maximizing your business referrals?  When’s the last time someone sent you a referral? And how long did it take you to follow up with the referral? Check out this week’s tip on how to maximize referrals in your business. You may be diminishing your chances of getting another referral…

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What Are Clients Saying Behind Your Back?

Business Reputation, Positive Impression, Rapport, Savvy Sales Tip

Have you ever wondered what people say about you and your business when you’re not around? Of course, we all want our happy clients out there singing our praise. But, is that happening? And if not, why not? Not too long ago someone (let’s call this person Chris) who I’ve admired in business was all…

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