How To Prioritize & What To Focus On

How to prioritize

When it comes to sales-related activities do you ever struggle with how to prioritize? How about what to focus on, ever feel overwhelmed and confused because there’s just so much to do? These are two of the topics that are frequently asked about and discussed with my clients. Frankly, who doesn’t want or need more…

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How To Gracefully Tell Someone To Get To The Point!

to get to the point

When’s the last time you wanted to shout at someone to “GET TO THE POINT”? We’ve all found ourselves on the receiving end of someone’s long drawn-out explanation or story. Maybe in these situations, you’re able to maintain your friendly and interested composure. Yet, your internal dialogue doesn’t quite match. There’s a whole other conversation…

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Technology In Business Isn’t Always The Answer

Have you ever felt like a business was so in love with their cool new technology they forgot to connect with you as a customer? A new trend that comes to mind is the restaurants where you walk up and place your order on an iPad and pay without having to talk to the person…

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