Avoiding This Sales Question Is A Deal Killer

sales question

Can you think of an unspoken rule or open secret you know about? These are often topics that seem taboo to bring up, so people avoid them out of fear. In sales conversations, there’s a sales question that is openly known for its reputation of being “awkward.” You might want a different experience from that.…

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When Prospects Won’t Make A Decision – Ask This Question

making a decision

When’s the last time you found yourself in a situation where a prospect would not make a decision to work together? You’ve dotted every i, crossed every t and even jumped through a few extra hoops and still gotten nowhere. They just won’t make a decision. Most of us have found ourselves in this situation…

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Bringing Intensity To Relationship Selling

Woman exhibiting relationship selling over a cup of coffee

When’s the last time you wondered if you should bring more intensity into your selling process? Maybe you suspect that your sales would increase if you were more aggressive. Yet bringing intensity may not be your style and therefore is too far outside of your comfort zone to be effective for you. Maybe you should…

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What Are They Really Asking?

Client Questions, Confusing Customer Questions, Responding to questions

Have you ever had a client ask you a question and you thought, “Why in the world are they asking me this?” Or maybe you felt pressured to answer a question when you didn’t want to in order to maintain the relationship. Maybe you were raised in an environment where if someone asks you a…

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