Stories In Small Business Podcast

stories in business

Stories in business can create relationships. When’s the last time you shared your story? The story of you and how your business came to be is something many people will benefit from hearing. It was an honor to asked by the brilliant Abby Herman of Stories In Small Business podcast to be a guest and…

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She Thinks Big Podcast

How To Leverage Your Network To Create More Clients Are you doing what you need to do to leverage your network? When’s the last time you asked for a connection/introduction from someone in your network? Keep reading to find out how to leverage your network to create more clients! Geraldine Carter of She Thinks Big…

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Gift Biz Unwrapped Podcast

Confidence In Sales

Confidence In Sales: Take the Scary Out What part (if any) of the selling process feels scary, uncomfortable, or just plain confusing? What will happen in your business when you start to feel more confident in the selling process? Tune in to learn how to build your confidence in sales by taking the scary stuff…

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Little Efforts Make A Difference – The Compound Effect

Little Efforts Make A Difference - The Compound Effect

Have you read or heard about the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy? Years ago someone suggested I read it. The message about little efforts made so much sense that I continue to refer to the concept over and over again in my personal and professional life. Here’s how Mr. Hardy describes the concept…

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Difficult Happens Podcast: How To Build Rapport

build rapport

What You Need to Know to Build Rapport It’s important to understand how to build rapport as well as how to maintain it. So, are you coming across to others the way you think or is there something else happening? Learning about how other communication styles interpret meaning may be the difference between making the…

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Steller Life Podcast

selling made simple

Soulful Selling Made Simple Many people misunderstand what it means to “sell”. When you have a limiting belief around selling, you struggle to grow your business. And even more important, you miss out on working with people whose lives will improve as a result of what you offer. Read on to learn about selling made…

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How To Close More Business In Sales

close more business

People often want to know the secret of how to close more business. Who wouldn’t want to increase their sales this year? It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t need to close more business. Even when you have a full client load, you still should be prospecting. The fact of the matter is clients leave eventually.…

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She Thinks Big Podcast

she thinks big

She Thinks Big Podcast: The Structure Of Sales Conversations People struggle so much more than they should on how to have effective sales conversations. This struggle often arises when you don’t know where you are in the process. Getting clear on the structure is absolutely imperative to up-leveling your sales. Today we will be discussing the…

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Beating The Odds: Cheers To 5 Years!

Sales Maven, 5 years in business, sales trainer

According to the Small Business Association, 50 of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years. That seems like a staggering amount of failure. And it begs the question, how does the SBA define failure? So what are the odds of beating the odds? In today’s society just about anyone can start a business.…

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The Assumptive Close Selling Technique

assumptive close, sales help, sales tips

Have you heard of the assumptive close selling technique? Do you know when to use it? How about when not to use it? There are situations where using the assumptive close technique will ruin your chances of earning the business. Understanding how and when to use it will greatly impact your bottom line. First, for…

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Why Your Ideal Client Isn’t Buying From You

ideal client, sales maven, sales help, sales tips, sales strategy

When’s the last time you were frustrated because your ideal client wasn’t buying from you? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time and money mapping out who they are. Yet, that type of client still isn’t showing up and buying. There’s a simple, yet crucial step many people miss when identifying their ideal client. This…

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Techniques In Sales: Are You Overlooking The Gaze?

non-verbal communication, sales technique, sales maven blog, Nikki Rausch, Uncomfortable client interactions

When’s the last time you had an epiphany? Maybe you’d been overlooking something staring you right in the face. Were you pleasantly surprised at your new realization? And did you immediately implement your new awareness of this? Techniques in sales are all over the place. Once you are able to hone in and use them…

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Aggressive Sales Tactics: Tone This Down When Selling

aggressive sales tactics, sales coach, sales maven, sales help

Aggressive sales tactics can be a huge turnoff. How do you respond when people present their product/service to you in a way that makes it seem as if you don’t buy from them- you’re killing yourself, damaging the environment, and/or robbing people of basic human rights? And do you even listen anymore when this is the…

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Pique Interest: How To Entice Prospects

chef tasting cake mix

When’s the last time you got a taste of something so delicious you just had to have more? Or maybe you learned something so interesting you were enticed to find out more? One of the struggles I hear from clients over and over again is being unsure of how to pique the interest of prospects. Yet, when…

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Why Having An Easy Conversation Closes More Sales

Easy conversation

Which do you prefer? An easy conversation or someone who does all the talking? Wouldn’t you say an easy conversation just feels better? Let’s put it this way; When’s the last time your phone rang and when you picked up you heard a pre-recorded message “selling” you on who to vote for, what service to sign…

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