What Is The Strategy I Get The Most Pushback On

what is the strategy

In the Sales Maven Society, members help each other out and share ideas. This even means Sales Maven Society members presenting their thoughts and experiences of when strategies taught by Nikki don’t seem to work for their business. What is the strategy that members commonly bring up? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is…

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Turn Off Auto Pilot: Refocusing Your Sales Strategies


Once you get into a rhythm with your work, falling into auto pilot is easy. Refocusing your sales strategies is key to turning off auto pilot.  You are already so good at what you do that you start allowing the bare minimum to keep the business going. This autopilot can be a real hindrance to…

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Closing Sales with Discovery Calls: A Sales Success Story

discovery calls

Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Casey Gromer. If closing sales with discovery calls is an issue you’re having, you won’t want to miss this. Learn how Casey mastered closing sales with discovery calls…   Since the last time she was on the show, Casey has…

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