How I Got Scammed By A New Sales “Strategy”

I got scammed

We all get scammed or find ourselves in these awkward positions sometimes, and spreading awareness makes it less likely to happen to others. If you find yourself in a similar situation, this is what you want to look out for.  Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies…

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love: Eat Capture Share

How to make money doing what you love

Can you make money doing what you love? For many of us entrepreneurs, this is the dream: Being paid to do something we love and that makes a difference in the world. So how to make money doing what you love? This week, Kimberly Espinel, food photographer, stylist, teacher, blogger, and host of Eat, Capture,…

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3 Ways To Say No & Mean It

ways to say no

Do you find it difficult to tell someone no? Have you ever told someone no and had them become aggressive or push back because they want you to buy their product/service? Finding ways to say no and mean it can be difficult. Telling people no can be uncomfortable. Many times people will say things they…

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