Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish When Accepting Payment

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you fully intended to buy something only to find you didn’t have enough cash and the store didn’t accept credit cards? Maybe you left the store thinking you’d come back in the next day or so to make the purchase. A month or so later, you…

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Avoid Attachment When Selling

avoid attachment

Avoid Attachment: When’s the last time you worked hard to earn a client’s business only to be told you didn’t get the deal? Were you disappointed, frustrated, or even ticked off? It sucks to work hard for someone and have them not understand the value of what you’re offering. Buddha has been quoted as saying,…

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What To Say To People Who Only Talk About Themselves

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When’s the last time you attended a networking event? If you’re like me, you regularly network as a means to build your community and grow your business. At said networking events, have you ever encountered the person who’s only interested in talking “at” you about their business? The person doesn’t seem the least bit interested in…

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