Sales Tactics and Strategies: Vulnerability vs. Inappropriate Sharing

Sales Tactics and Strategies:

Sales Tactics & Strategies: There’s a lot of talk about the power of vulnerability and how it connects people. Since a big part of what I teach is building rapport and developing long-term client relationships, the concept of vulnerability comes up frequently. At one of my speaking events last week a Therapist in the audience…

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How Many Times Should You Follow Up With Prospects?

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Have you ever wondered how many times you should follow up with someone? Have you ever worried you were coming off as pushy by asking someone multiple times to do business with you? Maybe you’ve felt concerned you’d damage the relationship with your client if you pushed any further? Well, you’re not alone. One of…

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Do This When Presenting

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Have you ever found yourself in the audience with a speaker teaching you something and talking so fast, you end up shutting down and giving up on trying to learn what they’re teaching? Maybe, you initially tried to stay engaged and then found yourself frustrated, feeling as if you needed more time, a slower pace,…

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