How To Know If You Are Giving Too Much Information

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When’s the last time you thought a client was ready to buy and then they didn’t? You got the dreaded response, “I’m going to wait and think about it some more.” Were you frustrated and maybe a little confused? Do you know what happened to cause them to back away from buying? And more importantly, was it…

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She Thinks Big Podcast

she thinks big

She Thinks Big Podcast: The Structure Of Sales Conversations People struggle so much more than they should on how to have effective sales conversations. This struggle often arises when you don’t know where you are in the process. Getting clear on the structure is absolutely imperative to up-leveling your sales. Today we will be discussing the…

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Playing The Long Game In Sales

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When’s the last time you wanted something bad enough you were willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen? Maybe it took weeks, months or even years. Was it worth it when you finally reached your goal? Was it worth playing the long game? The selling process can sometimes require you…

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Potential Clients: Why Chasing Clients Doesn’t Work

potential clients applauding after a sales presentation

Potential Clients: Do you like to be chased? For instance, if someone right now said to you, “I’m going to chase you,” would you prepare to run? And, would it be kind of fun? Would you enjoy it? In the selling process when you’re chasing after clients, it’s usually because they are running away. When this…

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