Mastering Storytelling Techniques To Boost Your Business Impact

storytelling techniques, sales strategies, sales help

Do you have a “Tiny Story”?  The kind of story your audience will tune into while becoming your biggest fan. If you’re still finding your story or working on improving your story, or storytelling techniques, this episode is for you. As part of our Mastering Excellence Series, Nikki is delighted to share this conversation with…

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Storytelling In Business: How To Get Started

storytelling in business

“In sales, storytelling is such a powerful technique.” and “Storytelling brings your content to life.” These are just two examples of why Nikki believes that storytelling is so important. Listen as Nikki shares how to use story in your business and how to use story to sell, plus much more on this Sales Maven Show…

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How To Get Paid For Your Client’s Results


Are your clients getting exceptional results from the work you do/what you offer? How important are the results your clients receive? For many entrepreneurs, the results their clients receive are the driving force behind what they do. Results are also something you should be getting paid for without being made to feel guilty about what…

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